rumors & holiday plans

Road to Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

This is a dirt road leading east and west along the narrow peninsula that extends from the Narnian mainland to the castle of Cair Paravel. The ground below is earth mixed with sand from the beaches that stretch both north and south from here. The road climbs gradually up a hill as it moves east, and at the top stands Cair Paravel in all its turreted splendor against the open sky. To the west is the center of Sted Cair, the small town which has grown up next to the heart of Narnia.

Deonyc glances at the faun passing, before looking back to Megren to see if she has more to say.

Megren seems finished, because she waves the Faun down. “Eimear, hello! Do you happen to know what the status is on Calya’s honeycakes?”

Lanisen follows the road from the market on the mainland back toward the castle, walking on the side of the road to be out of the way of anybody driving a cart or just walking faster than him. His eyes rest on the people ahead, curious and alert.

A faun with wild, black hair (Eimear) looks over and walks to Megren with her hands behind her back. “Ah yes. They are coming along well, Dame Megren.”

Megren gets rather a large grin. “Ah, she makes the best ones.”

Deonyc glances to megren curiously.

Eimear smiles widely. “They are the best. Especially warm.”

Lanisen keeps moving, lowering his head to smile politely as he nears. He looks in particular to Megren, with a significant sort of expression.

Megren lifts her brows at Lanisen in half a question and half an invite without actually exiting the conversation she is already in. “What sort of gift would you recommend sending a person who’s never been to Narnia, Eimear? Honeycakes wouldn’t keep, I suppose.”

Lanisen drifts that way, glancing at Deonyc.

Eimear thinks for a moment. “Is this gift for a friend or family?”

Megren waves a hand to indicate it could go either way. “We’ve got a couple people in mind. Family and loved ones.”

Deonyc shrugs, “It would really be close friends for me.”

Lanisen stays quiet, standing back a little ways, waiting.

Eimear looks back to Megren. “I would say some kind of statue or momento. Ask a local merchant to make a gift with meaning.”

Deonyc listens to the faun he nods to lanisen in greeting as well.

Megren says, “That’s a nice idea. We’ll likely be here long enough for it.”

Eimear nods.

Deonyc glances at Dame Megren he clearly doesn’t like the idea of being here long…

Lanisen doesn’t seem bothered by the prospect, but he reaches out and touches Megren’s elbow, asking her something in a low voice.
Lanisen mumbles “Can I talk to you for a minute?”, to Megren.
Lanisen mumbles “… … talk … … … … …”, to Megren.

Eimear nods. “Is there no exact timeframe?”

Megren shakes her head. “However long the council needs us. Could be another week, could be months yet.” She turns to hear Lanisen and then nods. “Excuse me,” she says to the others.

Lanisen steps back away from the little group to wait for Megren to extricate herself, evidently unwilling to be overheard.

Eimear nods to Dame Megren and then turns to the Son of Adam. “I am sorry. I didn’t catch your name.”

Megren follows Lanisen out of the group.

Lanisen starts back toward the castle, waiting to be out of earshot before he speaks.

Before the Gates of Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand before the gates of Cair Paravel, at the top of the steep and broad staircase that leads down toward the mainland to the west. The castle rises above you, a dazzling structure comprised of marble, mainly. Spires rise from it on either side of the gate, and still more strike upward against the blue sky, each topped with a waving banner depicting trees, birds, and (most notably) a lion. Similar banners hang down the front of the gatehouse before you, on either side of the entrance to the castle. The portcullis is currently OPEN.

There is no moat surrounding the castle, as the peninsula upon which the castle sits renders this mostly unnecessary. The land-bridge that connects Cair Paravel’s grounds with the mainland widens out somewhat here, and there is a smaller, footwarn track that leads southward around the side of the castle.

Lanisen glances back once they are away and the road is mostly clear. “I wanted to– um, there’s a Cat in town, his name’s Trim,” he says in a low voice. “He’s, he’s been tellin’ folk we’re here to fight over the crown.”

Megren frowns.

Lanisen says, “It’s, um– it’s the same Cat Deonyc talked to.”

Megren says, “Are people taking him seriously? Sometimes there are just people who will spread gossip whatever you may do.”

Lanisen says, “I don’t know. Dreygan didn’t. Others might.”

Megren pushes her mouth to the side. “I’ll follow up on it, anyway.

Lanisen says, “Thanks.”

Megren says, “Thanks for letting me know.”

Lanisen says, “Yeah. It sounded… yeah.”

Megren asks, “I’d better talk it over with Sir Darrin and Lady Avery first — unless you think you’d better tell them so the message doesn’t get muddled?”

Lanisen says, “If you like I will. There’s not much to get muddled, though.”

Megren says, “I’ll do it now, then.”

Lanisen says, “Yeah, all right.”

Megren starts moving toward the castle. “Thanks,” she says again.

Lanisen nods again. He waits a moment, looks back down the path, and turns back toward the town.

Road to Cair Paravel

Eimear thinks for a moment. “Do you use boar meat?”

Lanisen returns along the road after a little while, without Megren.

Deonyc glances to lanisen, and he nods, “I have hunted boar a good bit yes.”

Eimear nods. “They are fierce. You must also hunt.”

Lanisen glances at Deonyc as he nears, a little bit watchful.

Deonyc seems curious, “What do you cook here alot? I mean im sure the wolves can share some hunting, or others do it?”

Eimear looks whistfully at the other Son of Adam. “They help if we need something specific like boar. We appreciate the help.”

Deonyc smiles, “I have gone out to hunt for the cooks on the rare occasion that I have enough free time for it, but His Majesty enjoys hunting, it’s rarely needed much.”

Eimear smiles at Deonyc and nods. “If you ever want to spend some time in the kitchens, I am sure nobody would mind.”

Lanisen keeps moving, aiming for the town.

Deonyc shrugs, “No I wouldn’t mind that at all, maybe I can cook some archenlandic food.”

Aliyah pads along the road, ears flicking this way and that.

Mateo walks up the road from the direction of the town, he seems to be heading towards the Castle.

Aliyah shifts her gaze to Mateo and offers him a tentative nod as they pass.

Lanisen, as his path nears Aliyah and Mateo, ducks his head and offers a small smile.

Mateo’s step falters at the sudden unexpected wolf and he gives a little grin, “Hello there!”
Mateo waves to lanisen, “Lanisen! Hello”

Aliyah grins. “Hello. How has everything been with your travels here? Hopefully things in Narnia are enjoyable?” She speaks to both Sons of Adam.

Lanisen’s smile widens. “Afternoon,” he murmurs in answer.

Mateo nods to the wolf, “Oh it sure has, you’ve a beautiful country here”

Aliyah smiles at this. “Indeed. Much better than where I came from anyway.”

Lanisen asks curiously, “You’re not from Narnia?”

Mateo asks, “I didn’t think you got talking animals anywhere else?”

Aliyah shakes her head. “I came from the Wilds. Same pack as one of the Ulfden wolves was in at that.” She looks to Lanisen. “Did you meet Virika when you were in the Waste?”

Lanisen says, “Um,” and shakes his head slightly. “It doesn’t ring a bell.”

Deonyc listens to aliyah as surprised as mateo, he nods a greeting to him as well.

Mateo gives Deonyc a wave, “Hello there”

Aliyah shifts her weight. “I’m not surprised. I did not run across her when Drune and I were there either. Hopefully all is well. She was my trainer… Until I left Ulfden.”

Mateo asks, “Might I ask your name?”

Aliyah frowns. “Apologies. I am Aliyah of Winterden.”

Lanisen asks, “Where are the wilds? The moors?”

Mateo nods and gives her a smile, “Not a problem, I’m Mateo, just thought I’d ask so I’m not calling you ‘wolf'”

Aliyah snorts at Mateo’s comment. “Though I’d probably answer to it just as easily.” She turns to Lanisen. “No, they are not in the moors thankfully.”

Deonyc glances around the round and says a quick goodbye to all of them as he knows them.

Mateo says, “Bye then”

Aliyah looks at Deonyc and nods, her expression unreadable.

Lanisen watches him go.

Mateo asks, “Odd fellow isn’t he?”

Lanisen asks, distracted, “Sorry?”

Aliyah sighs, shaking her head. “I think that is putting it lightly.”

Mateo looks to Aliyah, “Yeah? What happened with you?”

Lanisen looks a little alarmed. His eyes shift between them.

Eimear comes along the path, eating an apple.

Aliyah looks between them. “Well you know what happened the other day, Lanisen. Anyway, he and I got off on our own at one point and sparred. Avery has since told me not to do that because he was a hunter, but that is not the point.” She takes a breath. “Seems he thinks all males are better than females. As a wolf, you can see how that would rub me the wrong way.. Furthermore, apparently females are not as good at archery. Guess he never met Queen Susan.” she seems bitter.

Lanisen pulls his chin back, blinking several times. “He’s here under /Dame Megren/,” he finally says.

Mateo asks, “Ah one of those people, bet it must really chafe him to be under the command of… What did he say her name was again? Megan?”
Mateo nods to lanisen, “Megren sorry”

Aliyah nods. “So I heard. I informed Lady Avery of the situation actually. I believe she passed it on to her.”

Mateo chuckles, “I knew a woman some years ago that would have kicked his ar- backside from here to the Lone Islands if he’d said that in front of her”

Eimear comes to the group of folks on the street. “Hello All.”

Lanisen says, “Well. Good, all right.” He glances back toward the castle gates, after Deonyc. “Um– can I, I’d like to apologize for any offense he might have given,” he says to Aliyah. “That’s not– that’s not the view of our, um, anything, actually.”

Aliyah snickers at Mateo’s comment before turning her attention to Lanisen. “I am well aware. Oh how I wish I knew of a Daughter of Eve who could properly school him in such matters. I can’t use weapons, or I’d work my hardest to strengthen every skill I had available to me.” Her ear flicks as another approaches. She nods a greeting to the faun.

Lanisen says, “Ahh, Dame Megren’ll set him right, don’t worry.” He shifts and steps back slightly as the Faun joins them, offering a small quick smile of greeting.

Eimear looks between them all. “What is the latest drama?”

Mateo smiles brightly at the sight of the faun, “Hello there! You’re a faun aren’t you?”

Lanisen looks bewildered by the Faun’s question.

Eimear smiles back at the Son of Adam with a bright smile, holding out her legs. “I am!”

Aliyah blinks in surprise. She keeps her muzzle shut.

Mateo exclaims, “Nice, not really spoken to a faun properly yet! What’s your name?”

Eimear grins. “Eimear. And you?”

Mateo says, “Mateo.”

Aliyah says, “And I am Aliyah of Winterden.”

Lanisen ducks his head politely. “Lanisen. I’ve seen you about, I think.”

Eimear nods. “Yes. I work in the kitchens. It is nice to meet you all! Are you all doing well?”

Aliyah nods. “Doing fine, and you?”

Mateo says, “Oh yes, doing fine”

Lanisen keeps quiet, but gives an affirmative smile as well.

Eimear nods at them all smiling, noting Lanisen’s behavior. “I am glad to hear it. There are so many new people at the castle…It has been an interesting time.”

Aliyah looks at her paws, clearly unsure of the ‘interesting time’ the faun speaks of.

Mateo says with a smile, “It’s been interesting being here, that’s for sure”

Lanisen glances at Eimear at this, tilting his head slightly.

Eimear looks around. “I just meant in that there are so many different types of people and town is much more crowded with all the visitors.”

Aliyah nods at this. “Very true.”

Lanisen shifts. “It’s been very nice to be here,” he offers.

Mateo nods in cheerful agreement, “That it has”

Eimear takes another bite of her apple. “So what brings you all here?”

Mateo says, “I’m a member of his Grace’s entourage ”

Lanisen says, “I came with the rest from Archenland.”

Aliyah says, “Winterden lives just south of here, and I have business involving one of Ulfden’s members.”

Eimear nods at Aliyah. “I feel like I have seen you before.”

Aliyah studies the faun. “Hmmm. I am sorry, but I cannot recall meeting you.” she frowns in thought as she tries to think further back.

Eimear laughs. “I don’t think we have ever met. I may have seen you in passing?”

Aliyah shrugs. “That is possible. The pack does hunt around here.”

Eimear nods and looks to the men. ” No matter what brings you all here…I hope you are enjoying it.”

Mateo says, “We are, at least, I certainly am. I’ll be heading north tomorrow, been granted leave to take a boat and sail the coast.”

Lanisen ducks his head to agree with Mateo, dimpling up. At this last, he tilts his head to the other man. “North or south?”

Mateo says, “North, unless the winds are too unfavourable, in which case I’ll go south”

Lanisen asks, “What’re you hopin’ to see?”

Eimear tilts her head at Mateo.

Aliyah blinks at this. “I hope the giants don’t spend too much time on the coast. Sorry, not meaning to scare you, but north…” She shudders.

Mateo scratches his chin thoughtfully, “Marsh wiggles, they sound interesting” he grins a little at Aliyah, “Not -that- far north, I been warned about the giants”

Aliyah’s posture relaxes, and she sighs, smiling at him. “Oh good. yes, the wiggles are very interesting.”

Lanisen grins at this, shifting his weight.

Mateo says, “I read they’re always gloomy about everything”

Eimear smiles at Mateo. “They are from all the accounts I have heard.”

Aliyah tilts her head in Lanisen’s direction. “you met Qualmurk, right?” She smirks. “He seems the gloomiest of them all.”

Mateo says, “Do they all have names like that? Seems that wouldn’t help one’s outlook”

Lanisen frowns slightly and shakes his head uncertainly. “I don’t remember that name.”

Eimear laughs at Mateo.

Aliyah snorts. “I don’t know. The other is Sombersigh.”

Mateo exclaims, “Self fulfilling prophesy right there!”

Aliyah waves a paw at Mateo. “Know what they would say about you and the duke?” Her eyes glint.

Mateo shakes his head, “What would they say?”

Aliyah says, “Oh… We just know they are here to destroy Narnia. None of us will be left. We are all doomed to die.”

Mateo’s eyes widen, “That’s completely absurd!”

Lanisen shifts, giving Aliyah a slightly reproachful look. “There’s no Marsh-Wiggles here, we don’t need to be speakin’ for them,” he says quietly.

Aliyah nods, nudging Mateo’s hand. “I know. Peridan said as much. It is just how they are unfortunatley.”

Mateo seems reassured by this, “Maybe I’ll so south instead, I hear stormness has some amazing views”

Aliyah brightens at this. “Oh it does! If you go that way though, you may also need to visit the woods to see the view above the water. It is one of my favorite places to think.”

Lanisen says, “The valley between is a good place to camp, if you need somethin’ like that.”

Mateo looks curiously to the two, “Yeah?”

Eimear also looks at Aliyah and Lanisen

Lanisen says, “There’s a, there’s a stream, it’s a bit sheltered. It’s nice. We stopped there on the way.”

Aliyah nods. “it brightens the place a bit.”

Mateo says, “That does sound nice”

Eimear looks to Mateo. “I would go South.”

Mateo says thoughtfully, “Meet the wiggles or see the views… Tough one tough one”

Aliyah smirks.

Eimear smiles. “It must be nice though…to have that freedom.”

Mateo says, “I been given that leave, I intend to make use of it”

Aliyah tilts her head. “If you would like an escort within the woods themselves, I can get word to my other pack members. I’m sure Crenna would love to show you around. Tour guide and “mother wolf”.”

Mateo chuckles, “Now there’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

Lanisen asks thoughtfully, “How long’s he given you for leave?”

Mateo says, “For this, a day, hence why I have to choose one or the other.”
Mateo says, “I do still have duties after all”

Aliyah asks, “So do you officially have a title? Are you duke Oren’s assistant?”

Mateo says, “Companion-at-Arms”

Aliyah grins. “I see. I suppose every person needs one of those.”

Mateo nods, “That’s right”

Lanisen asks curiously, “Is it like a squire, or– a steward?”

Mateo looks a little thoughtful as he tries to think of the best way to describe it, “Well, you see, sometimes the busy markets and docks of Terebinthia aren’t always the safest places to go alone”

Aliyah says, “So a guard of sorts.”

Mateo nods and waves a hand. “But also a companion and friend”

Aliyah nods.

Lanisen says, “Oh! Oh, huh.”

Mateo nods, “So that’s my role”

Eimear nods.

Lanisen nods as well, pursing up his lips thoughtfully.

Aliyah nods again. “If you will all excuse me… I need to locate the rest of the pack.”

Mateo says, “Goodbye then”

Eimear waves at Aliyah. “It was nice to meet you.”

Lanisen says, “Tell Dreygan hello for me.”

Aliyah smiles. “Nice to meet you as well.” She chuckles, looking to Lanisen. “I will do that,” she replies before padding down the road.

Mateo nods to those that remain, “I should be getting back myself, was nice chatting to you”

Lanisen says, “Of course. Have a good afternoon.”

Eimear nods at the man. “Maybe we will see each other another day.” She bites her apple again.

Mateo says, “You have a good afternoon too, and, I do hope so”
Mateo waves and walks back towards the caste.

Lanisen watches the man go, then shifts his weight and glances at the Faun, half-smiling.

Eimear looks at Lanisen. “So what is the goal of the Archenlanders being here? If I may ask.”

Lanisen asks, “Goal? Um…” He pushes his mouth to the side, frowning, and then lifts his shoulders with another small dimpling smile. “To visit our friends?”

Eimear nods and shrugs, seeming to think to herself. “I see.” She shifts her weight a little. “I just haven’t heard too much in the kitchens yet.”

Lanisen says, “I suppose.”

Eimear smiles, “The kitchens are where you hear everything! But I am sure you know that.”

Lanisen says, “Oh, I worked in the kitchen at home for a little while, a few years ago.”

Eimear nods. “And where is home in Archenland?”

Lanisen says, “Anvard, I work in the castle.”

Eimear ahs and crosses her arms. “And what is it that you do there?”

Lanisen says, “Um, I– I look after the hounds, the king’s hounds.”

Eimear smiles. “Well that must be very nice!” She looks around. “Say, I have been standing on this street for so long, care to go anywhere else?”

Lanisen says, “Um,” and rubs his elbow. “Sure, if you like?”

Eimear shrugs. “Sure I love meeting new people. You can tell me of your home if you like.”

Lanisen says, smiling, “All right. It’s not, it’s not very exciting.”

Eimear waves a hand. “Neither is mine.” She smiles back.

Lanisen asks, “Where to, then?”

Eimear looks around. “How about the tavern? They sometimes have music.”

Lanisen says, “The tavern, all right. I’ve only been there a couple times.”

Eimear smiles. “Well then it will be an experience!”

Lanisen’s dimples appear again. “Lead on, miss!”

The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern
Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

Eimear walks into the tavern and goes straight to the wolves and foxes table.

Lanisen follows her, glancing around the tavern at the peoples present. He lifts his eyebrows when he realizes where they’re headed.

Eimear looks up at Lanisen from the table. “You up to play?”

Lanisen asks, “Play a Narnian game against a native Narnian?” He makes an apprehensive face.

Eimear laughs. “I would be willing to bet you are good at this game.”

Lanisen says, “Risky bet.”

Eimear laughs and sets up the board.

Lanisen half-smiles and sits down across from her.

They play. Lanisen wins.

Eimear looks up and smiles at Lanisen. “Not a bad bet I would say.”

Lanisen glances at her, grinning a little sheepishly. “I always liked this kind of thing.”

Eimear raises a brow. “So you played the humility card and tricked me.” She stares at him a moment longer before laughing. “Well-played.”

Lanisen protests, “I didn’t!”

Eimear laughs. “You sooo did.”

Lanisen drops his mouth open, indignant and laughing.

Eimear shakes her head, looking down, still laughing.

Lanisen offers, “Best two out of three?”

Eimear shrugs. “Sure.”

Eimear resets the board again.

Lanisen helps reset the pieces to their original places and waits for her to make the first move.

Eimear glances to Lanisen before making a move.

They play again. Lanisen wins one and Eimear wins one.

Eimear laughs. “Never again will I play with an Archenlander.”

Lanisen, having won two of three, says, “Nah, I got lucky.”

Eimear shakes her head. “Take the credit!” She looks at the bar. “Care for a drink?”

Lanisen says, “Oh, I could. It’s a bit warm out.”

Eimear nods and gets up. “Something cold then.” She knocks on the table and goes to the bar to order.

Lanisen says, “Oh, it’s– I’m, I can–”

Eimear comes back to the table with some mead.

Lanisen considers the pricelist thoughtfully.

Eimear pours a cup for herself.

Lanisen glances at the mead uncertainly.

Eimear drinks some of the mead. “Not a fan of mead?”

Lanisen asks, “Er?”

Eimear watches Lanisen. “You okay?”

Lanisen asks, “I’m… sorry?”

Eimear looks at the Mead and then back at Lanisen. “Would you like some?”

Lanisen says, blushing, “Ahh– no, no, thank you.”

Eimear nods and continues drinking. “Sorry I should have asked your preference.” She looks around for a moment.

Lanisen says, his blush deepening, “No, that’s, you don’t gotta buy me–”

Eimear looks at Lanisen. “You don’t want me to buy anything? But you won!” She frowns. “You are a funny one…”

Lanisen says, a little helplessly, “Oh, is that– is that the rules?”

Eimear nods. “Of course!”

Lanisen makes an apologetic face. “I beg your pardon, I didn’t know.”

Eimear laughs and shakes her head. “It is okay, Lanisen. Sit down and take a breath.”

Lanisen does so obediently, his dimples appearing again despite his rueful look.

Eimear smiles at Lanisen. “How long have you been in Narnia?”

Lanisen says, “Well…” He pauses. “I came to Narnia in the autumn, and stayed for a few months, then we went back for the winter, and I came back in the spring, and stayed in Lantern Waste for a couple of months, and then I went back to Anvard and stayed about a week, and now I’m back here.”

OOC: Eimear disappeared unexpectedly.


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