to dalia, 29 firedance 1017

Hello Dalia!

Thank you for your Letter. Narnia is very nice, and everybody at the castle has been very kind and has made us feel very much at home, though it is very different without the Kings and Queens and there is a sort of feeling that everybody is sad when you aren’t looking. Even so, it has been good to talk with people and hear about what they are thinking.

There are so many kinds of people here. I hope you can come and meet them all someday. It is confusing sometimes and a little overwhelming but it is all so wonderful. I walked with a Wolf just now and he told me what he was smelling, and there is a Mole who works in the garden, and I have made friends with a Bat who carries messages in the castle. Her name is Wethil and she is very sweet, and I hope you will get to meet her someday. She makes me think of you sometimes.

You are right about the visitors, though I don’t want to say much in a letter. There is a lot of worry and uncertainty here and I wish more than anything that I could make it better for them.

I hope you are keeping well. Give Ren and Perth and Reina and Sareen and everybody my best.



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