sand & sun

Beach North of Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

Dreygan is lying just far enough out on the beach that the larger waves wash over his paws. It’s a warm–very warm–day, and even with his wet fur and the brisk ocean water, the Wolf is panting lightly.

Belgwyn comes bounding over the dune and straight into the water a small bit away from the water chirping as he swims and dives in the water

Lanisen walks north along the beach from the peninsula, his shoes in his hand and his hair tied back out of his face. He’s got his sleeves and his pant legs rolled up, and his face is red and shiny. He squints ahead, shading his eyes, and steps past the waterline so his steps make some noise as he nears the blind wolf.

Leon wanders along the beach, watching the tide roll in.

Dreygan first listens to the Otter playing, then turns his head towards the sloshing steps of Lanisen. “Hey there,” he calls.

Lanisen says, once he’s near enough, “Hey.” He heaves a sigh and plops down in the sand near Dreygan, sticking his feet in the water. “Warm enough?”

Dreygan digs a paw into the wet sand. “Eh, not sure yet. Wanna strike up a bonfire, see if we can melt any further?”

Belgwyn swims around a bit and pops his head out of the water, he spots the two and dives down popping out of the water a few yards away he waves, “Hey you two!”

Leon waves to the group as he comes closer. “Greetings, friends!”

Lanisen says, watching Belgwyn’s head zip around, “Bonfire, yeah. I’ll get right on that.” He waves at the Otter when he calls out, then looks over his shoulder toward Leon’s voice, momentarily wary.

Dreygan is just about to respond to Belgwyn when Leon speaks. His ears twitch back for just a second as he moves his muzzle back and forth between them, but then he gets his lazy grin back. “If you do, I’m gonna join the Otter, waves or not. How’s the water?” This last is aimed at Belgwyn.

Belgwyn didn’t expect the question, “Uh it’s warm enough. Nice really.”

Leon keeps coming closer. “How are you all?”

Lanisen shifts, drawing his knees up to loop his arms around them. “Warm,” he answers. “You?”

Dreygan jerks his head towards Lanisen. “That.”

Leon nods. “Looks like it.”

Belgwyn bounds of the water and waves to leon

Lanisen leans forward to wet his hands in the water.

Belgwyn smiles at lanisen as well

Dreygan lays his head on his paws, like he’s about to nap, and gets a nose full of salty water as a larger wave washes up. “Gah!” He sneezes, twice.

Lanisen glances at the Wolf, startled and concerned, and then snickers.

Leon laughs merrily at Dreygan.

Dreygan swipes a paw over the water, trying to splash the snickering human. The Faun, sadly, is a bit out of reach.

Belgwyn looks between the two and silently smiles, “How are you all?” he asks finally, maybe suprisingly to the wolf.

Lanisen yelps and lurches to the side, out of the way of the splash.

Dreygan takes his turn to snicker, stretching out to sprawl into the space that Lanisen had previously been occupying. “Didn’t we just go over that? Warm, warm, warm…”

Lanisen straightens himself out and sends a splash back toward Dreygan.

Leon says, “I am doing peachy, myself.”

Dreygan lurches to his feet and digs a paw into the sand again, this time trying to toss a gob of watery sand at Lanisen. His aim isn’t great, though.

Lanisen sputters, “Lion’s /teeth/,” and scrambles to his feet to sprint for safety.

Dreygan lifts his tail, triumphant and dirty-pawed.

Belgwyn watches lanisen and laughs, before lying down to dry in the sun.

Lanisen says, “All right, truce, truce.”

Leon continues laughing as Dreygan torments Lanisen. “What fun!”

Dreygan says, “Can you be sure without joining in?” to Leon. “You barely smell like beach at all.”

Lanisen narrows his eyes at Dreygan, then sits again.

Leon peers at the wolf. “What are you thinking?”

Dreygan shakes his head as he lies down again. “I’m thinking you didn’t even get a bit splashed, so how are you sure it was fun at all?”

Lanisen says, “He /didn’t/, not even a little bit!”

Leon looks at the son of Adam. “Hey, don’t encourage him…”

Dreygan starts digging his paw into the wet sand again.

Lanisen leans well out of the way, just in case.

Leon takes a step backward. “You know how hard it is to get wet sand out of fur?”

Lanisen points out helpfully, “He’s got more fur than you.”

Dreygan isn’t really built to lob things, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to throw the sand Leon’s way. “No, not at /all/,” he says, tone dripping sarcasm much as his thick pelt drips sandy, salty water.

Leon steps aside, but that doesn’t stop the mud from hitting his left thigh. “That hardly helps, Lanisen.”

Crenna is padding down the beach. She pauses when she sees the group, ears perking when she sees who all is in attendance. As the mud goes flying, her eyebrows shoot up and she picks up pace to meet them. “Hello.”

Lanisen is sitting on the beach a little ways above the waterline near Dreygan and Leon, cackling.

Dreygan grins as his haphazard attack garners at least something of a ‘splat’.

Darrin comes walking up along the beach from the castle.

Crenna reaches the group at this point. She looks around all the faces, bumping Dreygan before looking over the Faun. “I see my cousin is stirring up trouble…”

Leon starts to clean himself off. “Aye, that he is. A right little fiend, he is…”

Dreygan smells Crenna before she reaches them, so isn’t too terribly startled when she bumps him. “I’m just giving Leon a taste of the fun he’s missing out on,” he protests.

Lanisen, still laughing, offers Leon a clean handkerchief.

Darrin tilts his head at the laughter coming from the group gathered on the sand and heads towards them.

Crenna grins at the Faun, “You don’t have to tell me twice.” She moves over to Lanisen and smiles, “Good to see you all better, Lanisen.”

Lanisen asks, “What? Oh, oh!” He sticks his leg out in front of him, rotating the ankle proudly. “Yeah, it’s, it’s not even sore anymore.”

Dreygan follows behind Crenna so that he can catch up and lean against her, bringing his greater size to bear. “Little fiend? Little? Are you /sure/ you want to agree with that one, cousin?”

Leon accepts the handkerchief and sets about cleaning himself off. “Thank you, Lanisen.

Crenna smirks in Dreygan’s direction, “I would like to agree with that one, cousin.” The small Wolf assesses the ankle, “It looks nicely healed.”

Lanisen gets to his feet and wades out a little ways into the water, bending down to plunge his arms in up to the elbow. “It’s so /hot/.”

Darrin tucks his hands into his pockets as he approaches, offering a smile. “Hello,” he calls.

Leon asks, “Crenna, it has been an awfully long time. How are you?”

Dreygan is standing amidst a crowd right on the water’s edge. He’s quite wet, very sandy, and generally mussed. However, he also looks quite content with this, given the incredibly warm day. “I am a very large fiend, I’ll have you know,” he tells Crenna, ears twitching towards the greeting.

Eimear comes down to the beach, walking beside Mariel while chatting.

Lanisen straightens up, shaking water off his hands, and shades his eyes to look toward the call. He goes from watchful to relaxed in less time than it might take to notice, and wades back to the shore to meet him. “Hello, sir!” he calls back.

Crenna smiles at Leon, “Indeed it has. I am well. How are you?” She tries to stand away from Dreygan so she will not get wet or sandy.

A faun with golden fur and blue eyes (Mariel) says, “Is there swimming here? I was told that there was much splashing, when I was traveling to this beach.”

Darrin brushes his curls back off his forehead and grins at Lanisen, glancing from him to the two Wolves, especially the sandy one. He raises a brow, but looks mostly amused and delighted by the situation which he has walked into.

Leon smiles in a relaxed manner. “I am quite well. It has been a good week, I think…Oh, Eimear! Hey!” He calls out and waves.

Eimear nods at Mariel. “Yes! We can swim here all we want!”

Mariel jumps into the water, getting her hair quite wet.

Eimear looks off to Leon. “Hey, Leon!” She says with a wave and a smile.
Mariel starts to do somersaults. She stops to come up for air and asks, “Anyone want to join me?”

Crenna takes a step back as she observes the gathering. She dips her head respectfully to Darrin.

Dreygan’s ears flick back again as more voices join the gathering. He sniffs at the air, then sneezes.

Leon hands Lanisen his handkerchief back.

Lanisen says, “Oh, thanks!” He shakes off the sand, refolds it, and stuffs it in his pocket.

Mariel attempts to float on her back, but discovers that she can’t do it. Tired of being in the water, she gets out. Her hair is dripping.

Eimear watches Mariel with a smile but waves a hand. “I won’t.”

Mariel smiles and says, “Me neither, for now. I have had enough of the water.”

Leon bows to the new she-faun. “Good day, miss.”

Darrin tells Dreygan, “Bless you.”

Mariel asks the faun with wild black hair, “Have you seen the kitchen improvements?

Dreygan flashes a brief grin Darrin’s direction. “Pretty sure something must be doing that,” he agrees.

Eimear glances at Leon and then answers Mariel. “Yes it took lots of hours to reorganize everything.”

Darrin sits down on the sand to take off his boots.

Leon stretches out. “Ahhh, what a beautiful view…”

Mariel says to Eimear, “Oh yes, the kitchen was a bit of a mess! I left out an apple, you see! And I couldn’t catch any fish! And when I did, my recipe was a disaster!

Lanisen considers Darrin’s boots, just sitting there. He thoughtfully ties the laces together.

Mariel splashes back into the water.

Eimear smiles. “Yes. That cooking has a tendency to go–” She laughs as Mariel runs back into the water

Crenna observes Lanisen’s action and chuckles.

Dreygan is quiet a little while longer, head moving between all the different activities. He pads to Crenna after a moment and mutters something to her.
Dreygan mumbles “… too … going on. … gonna … somewhere else … … … Have fun.”, to Crenna.

Mariel realizes that was not very clear and adds, “I was attempting a recipe, and I did not do it right. And that mess that you cleaned up was the result.”

Crenna nods and mutters back to him.
Crenna mumbles “… I … come … … … … bit.”, to Dreygan.

Darrin at least seems to not notice the sabotaging of his boots. He tugs off his shirt and, dropping it on the sand, walks into the water, making sure to submerge his head and slick back his hair from his face.

Dreygan heads down the beach, veering a bit further from the waterline.

Eimear nods to Mariel and sits down in the sand.

Keska pads onto the beach, then pauses as she sees the large number of beings.

Mariel accidentally splashes the son of adam with laughing blue eyes. “Sorry!” she cries, somersaulting in the water as she does.

Darrin grins at the faun who just splashed him and wades out far enough that the waves come up past his middle.

Mariel smiles and says, “This is refreshing, after a very long day of cooking!” She stays underwater for as long as she can before coming back up. She says to the aged female wolf, “Sure! Come into the water!”

Crenna is residing on the edge of the group, happy to just watch and listen to the goings on.

Leon sits beside Eimear. “How was your day?”

Lanisen makes sure the knots are nice and tight, then casually wanders down after Darrin.

Darrin flips over onto his back in the water and floats along with the motion of the waves. When he notices Lanisen, he straightens so he’s treading water and splashes at him.

Mariel shouts, “Whoa!” as she almost slips on a rock in the shallow part of the ocean. She says, “I’m all right.” Then she goes into the deeper waters, humming to herself.

Lanisen recoils, blinking and spluttering, then splashes /back/.

A wolf with playful, bluish-green eyes (Layavin) steps onto the beach, her black nose sniffing the sand. She snorts a few times, sand flying from the puffs of breath. Her ear twitches as she hears voices and laughter.

Eimear smiles at Leon as he sits next to her. “It was good. I did some dancing with some of the folks in the woods for a moment and baked a pie. You?”

Mariel shouts, “Water fight!” She joins in the splashing.

Keska licks her muzzle, debating whether or not to join in.

Lanisen, not one to discriminate, sends a splash toward the red-headed faun.

Mariel splashes the son of adam with laughing blue eyes.

Leon says, “Ah, me? Well, it seems I wound up at a beach party.”

Darrin laughs loudly at Lanisen’s expression, and he’s distracted enough that the faun’s splash catches him full in the face. It’s his turn to sputter, but he is quick to splash her back.

Eimear grins at Leon. “Apparently!”

Crenna watches everything from a safe distance. Upon seeing Layavin, she barks a greeting.

Lanisen, now mostly wet, lifts his shoulders in a shrug and ducks the rest of himself under the water.

Mariel splashes the son of adam with the scarred throat and swims out of his reach.
Mariel realizes that the splash did not work, so instead splashes Darrin.

Layavin’s ears perk up at the bark and she trots over to her packmate, nudging her playfully before flopping down beside Crenna. “Busy around here…”

Lanisen surfaces, oblivious to his near miss.

Darrin bobs with an incoming wave, partially swallowing this last splash, and makes a face at the taste of the salt-water.

Mariel splashes the son of adam with a scarred throat again and goes out of his reach.

Crenna nods, smiling. “Indeed.” She spots the ferret and calls out a hello.

Lanisen exclaims, “/Oh/!” indignantly and strikes off after her. He’s not the fastest of swimmers, but he’s got endurance.

Mariel starts somersaulting through the water. She says, “Uh-oh! My hair might drip again!

Keska flicks her ears at the wolf. “Hello there,” she says softly, somewhat startled.

Leon watches all the swimmers.

Lanisen stands up once he’s near enough and splashes at Mariel in righteous retribution.
Crenna says, “I am Crenna, Healer of Winterden.” She bumps the white Wolf beside her, “And this is Layavin, Guardian of Winterden.”

Eimear looks to Leon. “I will see you around, Leon.” She gets up and calls out to Mariel. “Bye Mariel!”

Layavin lazily turns her head toward the Ferret. “Hello.” She thumps the ground with her tail a few times.

Leon nods. “And our tea, hmm? Perhaps later this week?”

Mariel is too distracted to see the water coming toward her. “Aaaaah!” she cries as the water hits her in the face.

Eimear nods. “Yes. I am sorry we did not get to that today. Enjoy the party.” She smiles and walks up the beach.

Mariel begins to laugh and says, “You are both already winning!” She then splashes both of her opponents.

Lanisen ducks underneath the water. And then, just to make things fair, he goes for Darrin’s ankles.

Keska chuffs softly a couple of times. “I am Keska. Of… well. Nowhere right now. I came from Lantern Waste.” Her tail flicks, the fur fluffing out.

Crenna asks, “Well met, Keska. What brings you out this way?”

Darrin makes a very undignified squealing sound as he is pulled under by his feet.

Lanisen surfaces a safe distance away, choking a little bit from laughing underwater.

Keska looks somewhat uncomfortable. “It’s…. sort of a long story….

Mariel gets out of the water and says, “Would anybody like soda bread? I have some, if anyone is hungry.” She takes out a fresh loaf of what appears to be soda bread. It looks tasty.

Darrin claws his way back to the surface and coughs, motioning at Lanisen in a vaguely threatening ‘I see you buddy’ sort of way.

Crenna notes this and says, “Forgive me. I did not mean to pry.”

Layavin eyes Keska, chuckling lightly. “We all have one of those. A long story, I mean.” She stretches. “I used to live in the Waste, too.” Her ears flick toward the coughing sound, but she doesn’t seem concerned enough to move at all.

Lanisen thumps his own chest with a fist, coughing and laughing, then begins to make his way back toward the shore, letting the waves do most of the work.

Mariel puts the loaf away and is back in the water. “We can now continue this water fight,” she announces, splashing the son of adam with laughing blue eyes as soon as he stops coughing.

Darrin floats on his back for a few moments to catch his breath properly, looking up at the blue sky. He rolls over just in time to be splashed again, and snorts, aiming another splash at the faun as he swims after Lanisen towards the shore.

Mariel says to the son of adam with laughing blue eyes, “We can stop the fight for a while and just rest. I am quite tired.” She gets out of the water and lays down on the sand, eating some of her soda bread.

Leon sits in the sand, yawning. “So, Crenna, how are you?”

Lanisen looks back over his shoulder. He takes a minute to gauge whether or not he’s being chased, then swims faster.

Crenna answers Leon, “I am well. Yourself?”

Darrin dips his head in a sort of small bow, conceding the battle to the faun when he reaches shallow enough water to stand up. He wades after Lanisen, getting close enough to flick Lanisen on the ear before he full-on sprints for the beach, cackling.

Keska chuffs. “No. It’s okay to ask. Just…. I’ve been told it was silly and stupid and… well. I’m just a little ferret anyway.

Lanisen lets out a surprised yelp, then bends to scoop up a bit of beached kelp and takes off after him.

Layavin is barely listening to the conversation close by, her eyes trained on the men chasing one another. She sits up, huge paws making dents in the sand.

Leon smiles. “I’m not too bad, myself. What brought you up to Sted Cair?”

Crenna flicks an ear towards Leon, “Oh I live in the South woods and come here to hunt.” She turns to Keska, “Who told you that was silly?”

Darrin throws himself on the sand, relatively near to his boots and shirt, ignoring the way this makes sand stick all over his wet skin.

Lanisen drops the kelp on top of Darrin’s head and mushes it into his hair.

Keska scuffs the sand embarrassedly. “Another wolf. One with scars over one eye. He’s…not been terribly nice to me.”

Layavin sniffs the air, but her head quickly turns toward the Ferret again. She snorts. “Feel free to ignore most things he says. He doesn’t mean them.”

Darrin flops backwards, rather like a beached fish, in his attempt to wriggle away. “Eww, nooo, mercy!”

Crenna stiffens just a bit, frowning. “I see.” She nods in agreement to Layavin, “Yes, you can ignore him. He is a grumpy old wolf.”

Mariel joins the Ferret and Wolf on the sand. “Whoops, sorry!” she says as water drips from her hair onto the Ferret.

Leon says, “Very grumpy…”

Lanisen hoots with laughter, but relents.

Mariel says to the Ferret, “I would say that it was probably a quite reasonable story.” Then she says, “I am very sorry about the water.

Keska shakes her fur and backs up. “It’s all right,” she says softly, and then looks at the wolves. “I’m sorry if I have offended.

Darrin flops about, becoming more sandy as he does. “I’ve been slaiinn…” he cries feebly, picking at the kelp in his hair.

Lanisen plops down next to him and offers him his (sandy) handkerchief.

Crenna shakes her head quickly, “Oh no, Keska. You have not offended at all. I am more upset with Dreygan.”

Layavin grunts, amused. “/He/ is the silly one.”

Leon says, “I say, you two sons of Adam are quite droll.”

Keska tilts her head. “I suppose it is…. something inside of him…”

Darrin gives Lanisen an affronted look, but, as beggars can’t be choosers, he takes the handkerchief and uses it to wipe the last smashed bits of kelp from his curly hair. He has quite the pile of kelp pieces on the sand beside him by the time he’s done, at which point he tosses the handkerchief back at Lanisen so it splats him in the face. Darrin props himself up on one elbow and looks over at Leon and the unfamiliar blue-eyed wolf. He grins, waggling his eyebrows at them.

Lanisen splutters and falls over dramatically, then picks the bekelped hanky off his face and drops it in the sand next to him.

Darrin giggles at Lanisen, clapping a sandy hand over his mouth.

Lanisen is about as sandy as Darrin by now. He sits up and plucks the wet fabric of his shirt away from his body ruefully.

Layavin grins toothily at Keska’s comment, but her gaze turns to the sons of adam once again. One ear tilts down at the sight of waggling eyebrows.

Leon laughs loudly at the antics.

Belgwyn bonds down the beach along the water jumping high over low waves chirping till he almost bounds into the group he walks over and waves.

Crenna stands to her paws, “I apologize but I should be on my way. It was good to meet you, Keska.” She smiles at the group, “And to talk with all of you. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.”

Darrin smiles at Crenna. “Take care!”

Mariel begins to sing to herself, “Flowers dancing in the breeze, as I lay in the sand near the seas, and all the rain begins to fall, I see that I’m not wet at all…” Then she says, “Oh, I have forgotten the rest!”

Layavin bumps Crenna with her nose. She watches her packmate go before standing to her feet and padding toward the two men.

Lanisen wrings out his sopping shirt as well as he can without taking it off, then makes a face and gives up. The approaching Wolf gets his attention, and he looks back at her interestedly.

Darrin doesn’t immediately notice the wolf coming towards them, as his attention is distracted by the otter who nearly bounds into him. He grins. “Hello there, friend.”

Leon looks to the otter. “Hail, friend.”

Layavin sniffs an invisible trail in the sand, her ears and tail relaxed. “Greetings,” she says as she sits a few feet away. Her nose tests the air once more. “You’re from Archenland, yes?”

Keska stretches, then waves at the otter

Lanisen says, straightening slightly where he sits, “That’s right.” He pauses, then guesses, “Winterden?”

Belgwyn bounds over to the ferret and chirps a generall ,”Hello.” to all.

Layavin nods, “Yes. Layavin of Winterden.”

Lanisen says, “Hello, Layavin, I’m Lanisen.”

Keska licks her nose. “I…. was thinking of heading back to the Waste.”

Darrin looks over and smiles at Layavin. “Sir Darrin,” he says, motioning at himself. “A pleasure to meet you.”

Layavin lowers her head, ears laying flat for just a moment. “Well met, I’m sure.”

Lanisen’s eyes settle on the position of her ears briefly, and he tilts his head. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

Belgwyn looks to the ferret in surprise, “You’re off to lantern waste?”

Keska flicks her whiskers. “I… was thinking of it. I think…. my idea is… well. Not needed.”

Belgwyn grins, “I would have come along.”

Layavin says, “I don’t stray from the den very often anymore, but as most of my Wolves are on this side of the river, I think it is best to keep a close watch on them.”

Lanisen grins at this. “You’re the minder?”

Layavin chuckles. “You could say that.”

Darrin quirks a grin.

Lanisen’s grin widens. “Well,” he says. “It’s nice to meet you, in any case.”

Layavin dips her head once again. “I hope you find my wild country to your liking?”

Keska scuffles in the sand again.

Leon has dozed off.

Belgwyn nudges keska playfully.

Keska tilts her head, then freezes a moment. The sad light in her eyes fades and she points a paw at Leon as her tail goes bottle-brushy.

Darrin says, “Oh, yes. We’ve visited before,” he says, glancing at Lanisen, “and it’s always lovely.”

Belgwyn grins and waits for keska to play out her idea.

Lanisen agrees, “It’s… it’s beautiful, I’m very glad to be here.” His face winces up slightly and he rubs at his right shoulder.

Keska quivers, her muscles bunching. And then she bounce-pounces at Leon, leaping at him and jumping at him and on him, chuffing and dook-dooking. “Ferret Attack!!!!”

Leon had been dozing in the sand, when the ferret suddenly launches the surprise attack. “Oof!” he calls out, “I’ve been slain! You slew me! I surrender!”

Layavin focuses on Lanisen for a brief moment. She flicks an ear, but nods. “Good. I am glad you are enjoying yourselves.” She sniffs a discarded clump of kelp. “A couple more swims in the ocean and you might not want to leave.”

Belgwyn goes and nudges leon to mobilize him.

Darrin says, “You do have a much lovelier beach in the summer than we do in Andale. It’s all rocky and cold. Good for looking for shells and poking about in the tide pools, but not for swimming, as such.”

Keska keeps jumping on Leon. “No, no,” she tels Belgwyn. “You’re supposed to help *me*!” She chuffs again before jumping around stiff-legged.

Belgwyn looks at keska and grins he goes and flops on leon, obviously not up to jumping around on him.

Lanisen gets a slightly guilty secretive look at Layavin’s words.

Layavin nods. “The water is a welcome relief in the heat of the day.” She tilts her head. “How long will you stay for?

Leon looks down at the otter now, oofing as he jumps on his chest. “Oh no, I’ve been captured… Save me, someone!”

Darrin says, “As long as we’re needed. We’re here as diplomatic envoys from Archenland, in a show of support.”

Layavin smiles. “I’m sure the Court appreciates all the support they can get.”

Lanisen keeps quiet at this.

Keska giggles. “You are ours, and we will… ah…. ransom you for treats.

Darrin shrugs one shoulder. “We have been allies for generations. We hoped to show that remains true.”

Leon exclaims, “Oh no, I’m being held for ransom!”

Layavin says, “Of course.”

Belgwyn grins and nods to keska, “You better get them quick too!”

A distant howl catches the attention of the white Wolf and her ears perk up. “That is one of my packmates.” She stands. “I should go find them.”

Lanisen says, “It was nice to meet you.”

Darrin nods in agreement.

Keska giggles, then puts a paw on Leon’s shoulder. “We will let you go, but you must bring us many, many treats.” And then she moves down to the sand, shaking her head.

Layavin bows her head. “Same to you.” She bounds toward Sted Cair, letting out a howl in response.

Lanisen shifts and rubs his shoulder again, moving his arm back and forth experimentally.

Darrin looks over at him. “All right, Lanisen?”

Belgwyn glances at lanisen as well, curiously

Leon asks, “Where shall I find these treats?”

Lanisen says, “Haven’t been swimmin’ for a long time…” His face winces up again and he gets to his feet, hunting about for his shoes. “I’m gonna, I should…”

Belgwyn says, “You best call linor Leon.”

Keska flicks her ears. “Oh! The Son of Adam is hurt,” she breathes. Help him first…. and then treats,” she adds.

Darrin looks up at the position of the sun, shading his eyes. “I should get back, anyways,” he says. “I’ll walk with you.”

Lanisen says, grateful, “Thanks.” He finds his shoes and tries to dust the worst of the sand off his wet clothing.

Belgwyn rolls of leon and looks to the two humans, “Are you going?”

Leon turns to watch. “You depart, sons of Adam?”

Darrin seems to decide he’s a lost cause, and just tosses his shirt over one arm and collects his boots in his left hand. He looks over at the others. “I think we’d better,” he says, a bit apologetic.

Keska tilts her head. “Shall we fetch a healer, first?”

Lanisen says, “No, it’s not– I’m, it’s fine, but thank you.”

Darrin nods, backing Lanisen up.

Belgwyn waves a paw to the pair, “Have a good eve!”

Leon hrmms. “That was odd.

Darrin exclaims, “Nice to see you all, as always!”

Lanisen murmurs, “Evening,” and begins up the beach toward the castle road. He goes quiet as they walk, and sort of hunches in on himself.



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