from dalia, 9 lionheart 1017

To Lanisen,

(There are several crossed out sections here as if the author was unsure how to start.)

I was quite pleased to receive your letter. It arrived just yesterday. Your descriptions of Narnia were wonderful. Though I am sorry for them about the loss of their Majesties. Queen Lucy seemed particularly kind when she and King Edmund were here after the battle.

What must it be like to have a nose like a wolf? What scents do they smell? Do they smell they same as us? I assume their noses must be much more powerful. A mole seems like the right sort for the gardens in Narnia, though I do not think Miss Sareen would appreciate a non-talking one in her garden. What are the the Gardens like? What sort of things grow in them? Do they have lots of flowers?

I particularly loved your description of the messenger bat. She sounds like a dear and I would love to meet her. I am sorry to hear though that there is worry and uncertainty, I am sure you are doing your best for everyone. You are a kind friend and I am sure that is just what the Narnians need.

This week has been quiet rainy, so that most of the merchants have stayed indoors. Sehsis and Nasrin have gone back to Calomen, and Deonyc has returned. I met him in the kitchen the other day and asked what had happened but I could only make out that something must have happened in Narnia. Please do not worry that I will ask more of the visitors to Narnia if you believe secrecy is best. I will be sure to tell everyone you send greetings. Please tell Megren and everyone there hello for me.



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