to megren and darrin, 23 lionheart 1017

This letter is carefully written in neat handwriting without hesitation, suggesting that it is the final product of many drafts.

Dame Megren and Sir Darrin–

I wanted to say that I am so very Sorry for everything. I have caused a lot of harm and pain and I would take it all back if I could. I think it is best right now for all of us if I go away for a while. I have talked with somebody I trust and he has said that I should find somebody whom I can help.

I am going back to Lantern Waste, as it is nearly Autumn and I said I would. I will be safe and with friends, and Stormsbreath has given me the name of a healer to work under while I am there.

I wish you both every happiness. Please write, if you can, when you are Pledged, or when they choose a ruler, or if you plan to go home, or if anything happens. If you can’t, that is all right too and I understand.

I will write when I arrive and I will come back to Cair Paravel before Winter.

Thank you for everything.



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