to dalia, 2 treeturn 1017

Hello Dalia,

I am sorry again for taking so long to write. There has been a lot Happening, it seems, and I do not know how to talk about it all except to say that I am glad to have come to a quieter time. I am in Lantern Waste again now, visiting my friend, and I expect to stay here until the snows start.

The gardens in Cair Paravel are very lovely and I hope you get a chance to see them. They are mostly flowers and other nice things to smell and look at, but there are two large spaces that are sort of hidden away to grow useful things like vegetables and herbs. You can’t see them from the main gardens because they are hidden behind tall hedges, and so they are very nice quiet places to sit and read once you have found them, especially the garden outside the Infirmary.

I have started working a little with a Centaur named Stormsbreath and a Skunk called Cloversnout. They are the healers at the castle. [Here there are a few crossed-out words and hesitation marks.] I suppose I had better just say. I am meaning to stay on at Cair Paravel and work in the infirmary. It has been very Hard on Master Danall to find help when I am away all the time, and I do not think it is very fair to him to keep asking him to hold the position open when he could take on somebody to train to replace him, which I have never intended to do. I will miss the dogs a great Deal, and I will miss you and Ren and Sareen very much. I am sorry to say it in a letter instead of in person. You have always been so very kind, and a good Friend, even when I was not an easy person to be a friend to. Thank you for that, with all my heart.

I hope you are well, and that the summer is not too hot, and that the peaches and cherries are as sweet as they can be.



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