from dalia, 15 treeturn 1017

Dear Lanisen,

Please forgive me for the time it took to write to you. I had to take some time to consider your letter, as it caught me off guard and I wasn’t certain how to respond. Please know I am very happy for you and that you have found something that interests you and that will be of much good to others. I am certain you will grow to be a great healer some day.

Please do not worry that you have hurt me, for you have not. You words were very much appreciated, and I hope that we may still stay friends despite the distance as my friendships with you and Megren are ones that are very special to me.

I loved the description of the gardens especially the hidden garden. It makes me think of the kitchen garden here at Anvard which is not very hidden but is quiet. I have a great hope as you may know to visit there. It is my hope that perhaps Milady may decide to journey north some day or that some other circumstances may occur that I may visit it. Perhaps our paths meet again if something of this nature should come to pass. I know the Lion will guide us whatever our journeys may be.

I will continue to look in on Nia and the hounds and of course there will be Mara. I know they will be very well looked after.

I will hope soon to be traveling to Carmichael and Lancelyn Green with Abrielle and Sister Nessa. Milady is sending me with some gifts for Lady Priya and Master Hart. I also feel there are some loose ends I must tie up if I am to be fully at peace with myself. I am hoping to see friends not seen in a long time. I will try to write to you of my travels so that you will know where to write.

Enclosed you will find a recipe for Apple Cobbler, which my mother taught me. I know it is possibly silly of me but I hope that you can find someone who will be able to make it for you. Perhaps one of the cooks can do so when you return to Cair Paravel? I would have sent one with this letter but I do not think it would survive and would be sure to tempt the poor messenger.

Reina sends her love and seemed pleased to be mentioned by name in your letter. I wonder if I may have her write to you?

Fondest love from all,

The peaches and cherries are very good and I hope that you are able to enjoy some in Narnia.


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