one bake

In the Northern Woods
Lantern Waste

The dense and varied woodland of the Northern Wood has been broken up a little here, and a real glimpse of the sky is finally visible. The oak and white pine trees still dominate the area, but a small plot of land has been cleared for a sort of garden-meadow. A goat stands in a pen near the edge of the clearing, and a deep well has been dug there as well, walled up so that no one will stumble in. Set back into the trees and brush, where it would be almost hidden if it did not have the goat pen to mark it, is a small cottage-like house.

Because of the thick undergrowth, it’s rather hard to see any distinct paths leading out of the clearing.

Lanisen wanders to the edge of the clearing in the late afternoon, peering through the trees toward the house. He has a stained cloth bag mostly full of fresh herbs slung across his body.

Jana is emptying scraps into the goat trough.

Lanisen hesitates, glancing toward the windows of the house, then heads that way, in no particular hurry. “Hey,” he says once he’s near enough.

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