to dalia, 8 harvesthome 1017

Hello Dalia,

I hope you enjoy your time in Carmichael. It is a very beautiful part of the country, with so many mountains and hills and ripples in the land that even when you think you know it all it will still surprise you with something new. Please tell Cass hello for me, if you see her on the way there or back. She is working at the inn in Lancelyn Green.

I am curious about your mention of loose ends in Carmichael, but as I can’t see your face I am not sure if it is something I ought to ask after or not. Please consider the question asked, if it is something you want to talk about, or consider it let to fall if it is something you do not. Whatever it is, I hope you find the peace you are looking for.

Thank you very much for the apple cobbler recipe. I do not have an oven where I am staying now, but I will ask around and see if there is somebody who can help me to make it. I am sure it will not be as good as your own.

[Here there is a little mark between the lines, perhaps to denote time passing.]

I have just gotten your second letter, which means I have definitely taken too long to send this. I am glad you have reached Carmichael safely, and I hope you enjoy the autumn there. Travel safely and as comfortably as you can on your way back.


If you make any other journeys, I have found Tohol to be an admirable road-companion. He is so large, you know, and will easily alarm off anybody who means any Ill, but he has a great heart and a good nature and he will not wander off on his own adventures further than you can call him back. I have always felt very safe traveling with him, and if you think that you would feel the same, you may certainly ask Master Danall for the loan of him.


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