to chlamash, 8 harvesthome 1017

Chlamash Tarkaan,

I hope it is not too forward to write to you. I have been in Lantern Waste these last weeks, learning from one of the healers here. There are not as many people about here as there are in the castle and the village, but there are still a good many, and I had a thought talking with a Bird here about Prince Cor’s friends in Meahrdell.

Would being addressed by a Narnian Talking Beast alarm your family? If not, here is my idea: I know there are Talking Birds who carry messages to Anvard occasionally. Do you suppose one would be willing to go further and take a letter to your family in Calormen? If a message comes by Bird and not the usual way, it may get past the people who would usually intercept such a thing, and then you could be sure that your family got your entire message, and you theirs.

If this idea has already occurred to you or others in Cair Paravel, I beg your pardon.

I hope you are keeping well.

Your friend,


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