Here is a young man of average height. Nothing about him would draw the eye, but he’s nice enough to look at, if a bit thin. His face is clean-shaven and his light brown hair is clipped fairly short, just long enough to tuck behind his ears. His posture is straight, but he has the watchful look and soft-spoken manner of one who does not like to be noticed. His clothing is unremarkable, sturdy common garb in a color that doesn’t easily show stains.
A thin white scar slants across his throat under his chin.

Lanisen, along with Myrd, Jana, Loc, and Zan, was created in 2009 to be a short-term chaos-causing character with a maximum run of maybe six months, long enough to stir up trouble and then die.

Only then Lanisen’s player got attached.


Lanisen by opera13


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