how not to kiss

In the Archenland Forest
Eastern Archenland

Golden light filters down through the tree branches overhead, making the leaves glow translucently. A gentle breeze stirs the leaves slightly, causing the light to shimmer on the grassy forest floor. To the north, stands a large stand of fir trees.

Jana sits at the bottom of the tree doing… something… to her hair.

Lanisen scrambles down awkwardly, clearly not at ease as far off the ground as the branches of the peach tree put him. As he’s not paying attention, his feet swing dangerously close to Jana’s head.

Jana swings her wet, multicolored head out of the way. “Watch it!”

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Winbrytt’s Cottage
Western Archenland

You stand in a pleasant room, lit by a fireplace on one wall and a window on the other. Near the fireplace there are two large and comfortable looking chairs, perhaps castoffs from the local manor. A rug covers the floor there, adding warmth to the wooden floor. Across the room, beneath the window is a sturdy table with four chairs. Shelves on the walls hold crockery and pots.

Through a doorway in the back wall, you can see a huge bed, covered in furs, dominating a small bedroom. Another door leads outside.

Lanisen sneaks into Winbrytt and Aryna’s cottage via the window to plant the pickaxe, but nearly gets caught.

A daughter of eve with long auburn hair and soft brown eyes (Aryna) catches something out of the corner of her eye. “Hello?”

Lanisen freezes, hidden behind a chair, and bites his lower lip hard.

Aryna turns back to the old woman at the door. “I’m sorry, but no thank you. Perhaps you might try next door?”

The woman holds up a cloth. “Won’t ye even look at them?”

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no rest for the wicked

Cave Entrance
Western Archenland

You stand on a narrow ledge overlooking the pool below. A cool breeze blows off the spray of the waterfall, though it also makes the ledge quite slippery and dangerous. A narrow trail, littered with dirt and pebbles, goes behind the waterfall. The trail leads to a dark hole and looks to have been well travelled once upon a time.

Loc hehs, “Well, you know the saying. There’s no place like home. We can always keep to a different part of town. It’s large enough…” He looks thoughtful, “Though Andale isn’t so bad either.”

Jana shrugs. “Or we find ourselves a new disguise. I heard something about lightening your hair that I’m apt to try.”

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In the Archenland Forest
Eastern Archenland

You stand in the middle of a forest. The trees are broadly spaced, the ground beneath you uncluttered by underbrush, giving the gently rolling landscape an almost parklike feel. Dappled light filters down through the branches, leaves shimmering and translucent against the sunlight. A few birds flit by overhead while others sing in the trees, providing a merry counterpoint to the whispering of the wind. To the south, you can see the mountains that separate Archenland from the Southern Desert.

Lanisen is sitting at the base of a massive tree, sharpening his dagger and looking sullen.

Jana walks among the trees gracefully, her left hand brushing the tips of the grass that lies in the undergrowth, her right at the ready. She leans up against a nearby tree at the sight of Lanisen and cross her arms, pondering the sullen figure quietly.

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