a change in the weather

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is on his knees, tousling the ears of a large lymer. The hound is delighted and dances back and forth, growling and snapping playfully, without any real intent, at his hands.

Colin enters the kennels, whistling for Puck, who soon appears at his side for a good ear scritch.
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community service

Staff Quarters
Castle Anvard

Lanisen is heading through the fairly busy corridor toward his quarters, the front of his tunic held gingerly out from his body – the reason for this being that he seems to have spilled porridge or something on himself. Most likely going to clean up.

Colin clambers down the stairs, looking wide awake and ready for the day in a simple tunic.
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outing colin

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is in one of the stalls farther back in the stable, meticulously grooming a massive black stallion. The horse stands calmly, eyes half closed, enjoying the attention.

Arael comes in from the outer ward with a basket slung over her arm. She glances about, then makes her way toward one of the occupied stalls.
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catching up

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Colin walks abruptly through the outer ward, apparently heading inside as he directs himself towards the gatehouse. He seems distracted and occupied as he keeps adjusting his quiver strap about thirty times.

Lanisen is heading that direction as well, limping between the stables and the gatehouse. He looks exhausted and stiff, but as he catches sight of Colin the weariness seems to fade from his demeanor and he grins. He begins to jog to catch up with the knight, keeping his weight on his toes. He has to jump to put the taller man in a headlock, but he does so with enthusiasm.
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book club

Carmichael Lodge
Western Archenland

Lanisen is flopped across a chair near a window of the anteroom, staring out at the darkening road with unfocused eyes. He has a book with some sort of indecipherable diagram on one of the visible pages open on his lap, as well as a lit lamp at his elbow, but he’s not reading it. He looks like he’s thinking very hard about something, but by his distant expression, it’s not the reading material.

Evette emerges from the general direction of her room, walking rather quietly. She casts a swift glance back at the hallway which contains her door and sighs in what appears to be relief. Quickening her steps, she pauses by the desk and speaks to Prindle in low tones, apparently explaining something. He nods and makes a note of it and she nods back.
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and now

Fischer’s Tavern
Western Archenland

You are in Fischer’s Tavern.  A tall lanky man is standing behind the bar with a towel in one hand and a grin on his face.  In front of him there is a nice hardwood bar about four feet high.  Quite a few glasses and bottles stand on it waiting for a order.  The barkeep motions towards a stool, “Name’s Fischer. Have a seat, what can I get ya to drink?”

Lanisen follows Dar into the tavern, keeping up with some difficulty and moving stiffly. He scans the faces of the few patrons present hopefully.

Dar slips into a seat at an empty table. “I ensured that he would not be here”, he says quietly.

Lanisen looks, in a word, caught. All he says is, “Oh.”

Dar gestures towards the bar, handing Lanisen a coin. “Get what you would like.”
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battling insomnia

Staff Quarters
Castle Anvard

Colin enters the staff quarters, coming from the direction of the ward. Considering the late hour, he looks a bit tired but still wide awake as he goes about his business.

Lanisen is sitting on the first step of the wide stairs leading up to the noble quarters. He is curled up and leaning against the central pillar, and looks like he’s hit that zombie stage of sleepiness where he can’t even doze.

Colin walks through the staff quarters, covering his yawn with a hand. He reaches the stairs and finds his way blocked off by a Person. He blinks at him a minute. “Lanisen?”
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familiar face

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Lanisen, in the cooling evening, stands out as one of the few people in the ward making use of the inner gate. The majority of the traffic flow is toward the outer gates, market-customers wrapping up their shopping for the day and vendors heading home. Lanisen pauses to answer a question put to him by one of the guards, who seem to know him, and though his demeanor is subdued and polite, one might notice a visible eagerness to move on.

Arael comes out of one of the market stalls at a brisk pace, swinging a basket over her arm. Once she reaches the center of the courtyard, she stops short amid the evening traffic and turns a little circle about herself as she makes certain of which way to go.
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making sense

Castle Anvard

Lanisen, despite the lateness of the hour, is kneeling next to the pen still holding Tohol, reaching one hand between the slats to stroke the wolfhound’s dense fur and talking to him quietly.

Colin enters the kennels, looking weary but still very much wide awake. He pauses, surprised to see someone else there at this late hour.
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