Castle Anvard

The kennel of Anvard is a fairly spacious room, well-lit by the windows in the south wall looking toward the Outer Ward. It is immediately obvious that the hounds housed here are quite well-treated: the floor is kept clean-swept; the blankets padding the dogs’ wooden beds are thick and warm; and the hounds themselves have a certain sleek, well-fed look. Several pens can be seen toward the back of the room, likely used to isolate dogs that are sick, injured, or in need of further training, but the majority of the castle hounds are allowed to roam freely about the room.

A fireplace, lit on cold days, is set into the east wall, opposite the door to the quarters of Danall, the Master of Hounds. A set of wooden stairs leads up to a second level.

Lanisen sits on the floor against the east wall late in the evening, buried in hounds. There’s one flopped across his lap, another two curled up and snoozing next to him, and a fourth sitting and getting her ears rubbed. Lanisen doesn’t look too bothered by his predicament.

Arael peeks her head in the door and looks around. When she catches sight of Lanisen, she grins and steps all the way in, shutting the door behind her.

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strange things you do hear passing through

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Haft is sitting on a barrel in a quiet corner, well out of sight of most of the yard. He’s got a good view of the gate.

Peridan is speaking to a couple of Guards. By his stance, he is simply chatting with them. Occasionally, one of the guards or Peridan laughs.

Lanisen makes his way through the gatehouse from the inner ward, nodding politely to the guard on duty as he passes. He glances around the outer ward, then heads toward the kennels.

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22 eveningstar 1014

Inner Ward of Anvard
Castle Anvard

Avery smooths the top paper. “As she always does. She prefers home and she is not fond of traveling, but she is enjoying her time of catching up with old friends. I am sure you will see her around soon…”

Haft leans against the wall beside the Southern Stairwell, a short distance from Peridan and Avery. His eyes scan the Ward periodically.

Peridan continues to sit on the bench, chatting with Avery. “That is good to hear and I am sure I shall, the Castle is not /that/ large.”

Lanisen passes through the ward from the direction of the kitchen. He pauses about halfway between the doors and the well, giving the gates to the outer ward a considering look.

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crash course

Castle Anvard

You stand in the Library of Anvard, a room well-lit by a multitude of wall sconces. The air is heavy with the unique, but pleasing smell of books, old and new. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of volumes line the shelves from top to bottom, and a number of tables have been provided for reading and writing. The room appears to be well-dusted and well-kept, its contents carefully maintained and repaired throughout the years.

Lanisen prowls up and down the section of the shelves containing books on Archenland’s nearest neighbors, his head tilted oddly to one side as he reads the titles. His stick clacks loudly against the floor in the ubiquitous library silence no matter how quiet he tries to keep it.

Tyre enters the library and surveys the territory to see if it is safe.

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equine therapy

Castle Anvard

You stand in the Anvard Stable. All around you are stalls and equipment. There are horses of all colors, but all are high caliber. The far wall is hung with saddles, bridles, stirrups and other tack. There is fresh straw in every stall and buckets for water are hung on hooks. There are several special stalls for visiting talking horses. The floor is hardpacked dirt.

Dar’s tall, lanky frame can be seen through one of the open stall doors. He is grooming a grey stallion, tall enough to be a good height for him. Dar’s back is to the door and he is focused on his work, using the curry comb to rid the horse’s coat of any traces of dirt.

Lanisen makes his clumsy, thumping way down the stable’s alley and turns to one of the stalls close to the door. The latch gives him some trouble, but he at last lets himself inside without letting the big dappled-gray gelding out, and closes the half-door behind him.

Dar, alerted by Lanisen’s halting progress, peers over the divide between the stalls, his height making this rather easier than it might otherwise be. He sets the comb aside. “Ah-”

Lanisen has already sagged against the gelding’s warm bulk, obviously thinking himself alone. At Dar’s voice, he straightens immediately, turning toward the source of the sound. “My lord,” he says after a beat, and bows, steadying himself on the horse’s shoulder.

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sweet rolls

Inner Ward of Anvard
Castle Anvard

Peridan is sitting on a bench, reading.

Lanisen makes his way out of the corridor to the servants’ quarters toward the well. He’s moving with relative ease, but he’s still relying on the stick quite a lot. Once he reaches the well, he leans his stick against it and draws up a bucket one-handed.

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because we are alive

Before the Gates of Anvard
Eastern Archenland

A flat green space at the foot of the mountains opens here, sheltered by the slopes of the northern mountains. Stormness Head looms high to the northeast, its peak nearly always in clouds, and the double-headed peak of Mount Pire rises over the trees to the northwest. A steep ridge like the side of a bowl curves around from the northwest to the east, and the ground descends into dense forest to the south.

At the center of the clear area is a small turreted castle, facing east. Its weathered walls are built of large blocks of red granite that glitter faintly in the sunlight, and elegantly functional ironwork graces the front gates and portcullis. A stone cobbled road wide enough to easily facilitate the passage of carts and carriages crosses over the broad green lawns from the castle gates, disappearing into the trees to the east.

(OOC note: This log contains a busy crowd scene and has been edited and color-coded for readability.)

Lune wanders around the space of the lawn being set up for the feast, chatting with nobles and commoners alike. He’s clearly in high spirits, and every now and then his loud, booming laugh bells out at something said.

Astera beams with energy and happiness as she holds her daughter, telling the story of Mount Pire. She is hanging around the edges, not yet mingling with the crowd but clearly her heart is light.

Aliyah pads towards the castle grounds, nose twitching at all of the different but delightful scents.

Tempest trots through the crowd of Narnians and Archenlanders, taking everything in.

Arael comes out onto the lawn through the castle gates. She is hovering at Lanisen’s elbow, watching him and the ground closely to be sure that he doesn’t stumble or snag his cane on anything. Progress is slow, but eventually they make it.

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back to anvard

Bird and Baby Inn
Southeastern Archenland

Colin kneels on the hard floor, attempting (poorly) to roll his bedroll up tightly for travel.

Lanisen’s stuff is already reorganized and packed neatly, and he’s been elsewhere all day. He clumps up the stairs, a rough sandwich of meat and bread in one hand and his satchel in the other.

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Bird and Baby Inn
Southeastern Archenland

Strangely enough, this attic seems to see quite a bit of traffic. Perhaps the trunks stored here are arranged in a haphazard fashion; at least, it looks like there’s no method to the configuration. Everything in the attic, from the tattered crimson velvet curtains to the faded paintings, dates from at least a century ago. While the items covered in fabric to protect them were once opulent, even the best of them could only be described as shabby now.

At the back of the attic is a stout door. The knob has been recently changed out, and it has a sheen to it which is not evident elsewhere in the room. It is secured with a massive lock; whatever is kept beyond the door must be valuable indeed. There is a small, grimy pane of glass set high in the wall, and the seams around it must have worn away over time, since the wuthering noise of the wind creeps in.

Lanisen sits on top of a trunk near his bedroll, going through his pack methodically.

Colin climbs up the stairs, looking around the attic. He blinks rapidly as his eyes adjust to the dimmer light.

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The Bird and Baby’s Tavern
Southeastern Archenland

Sehsis shakes his head, amused despite himself, “The latter is what I aim to do, as for the former, I do have a wife as you know- And this reminds me” He takes a letter from his satchel and hands it to her “I was back in Calormen for a short while and have this for you, before I forget”

Abrielle smiles brightly and takes the letter greedily. “Thank you! How was your wife?”

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