strange things you do hear passing through

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Haft is sitting on a barrel in a quiet corner, well out of sight of most of the yard. He’s got a good view of the gate.

Peridan is speaking to a couple of Guards. By his stance, he is simply chatting with them. Occasionally, one of the guards or Peridan laughs.

Lanisen makes his way through the gatehouse from the inner ward, nodding politely to the guard on duty as he passes. He glances around the outer ward, then heads toward the kennels.

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Castle Anvard

Colin clambers down the stairs from the attic, clearly having been up there searching for something. A grown Puck is close on his heels. “Lanisen!” He calls out again.

Lanisen kicks the door open and backs in, arms full of the butcher’s order for the hounds. “Door!” he yells toward the stairs.
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outing colin

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is in one of the stalls farther back in the stable, meticulously grooming a massive black stallion. The horse stands calmly, eyes half closed, enjoying the attention.

Arael comes in from the outer ward with a basket slung over her arm. She glances about, then makes her way toward one of the occupied stalls.
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making sense

Castle Anvard

Lanisen, despite the lateness of the hour, is kneeling next to the pen still holding Tohol, reaching one hand between the slats to stroke the wolfhound’s dense fur and talking to him quietly.

Colin enters the kennels, looking weary but still very much wide awake. He pauses, surprised to see someone else there at this late hour.
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Castle Anvard

Tyren strides into the kennels, in considerably more presentable condition than the evening previous. Elek pads over quickly, nudging his master’s hand, who obliges the hound with a friendly scratch behind the ears.

Lanisen enters the building some time later, the wind banging the door shut behind him. Seeing the knight, he pauses, ducks a crisp bow, and makes his way around and past Tyren to carry the parcels of meat to a table in the back.
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Castle Anvard

Lanisen is far in the back of the room, seated against a wall facing one occupied pen in particular. He looks tired and zoned-out and defeated, like he’s been sitting there way too long.

Colin enters the kennels, looking much healthier than the last time he was there and somewhat more well rested, though there are faint circles under his eyes. He looks around for the pups ands spots Lanisen, approaching him.
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absence of courage

Castle Anvard

Lanisen can be seen through the slats of one of the pens in the back, kneeling in front of the canine occupant with a brush.

Tyren enters the kennels – more like half-falls in, really – in what seems to be a fairly exhausted state. Despite the rumpled demanor and evident fatigue, however, the knight seems to be in rather a good mood as he lets out a low whistle. Elek responds quickly, padding over.
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intense ambivalence

Castle Anvard

Tyren slips into the kennels, carrying a small bundle of some sort in a hand.

Lanisen is standing by a table in the back, working with four or five mostly-grown pups at once. A bowl of meat-scraps on the table seems to be acting as incentive for them to follow his orders, and it seems to be mostly successful. Until the door opens, anyway, which is far more interesting. The pups as a group tear off to terrorize the invader.
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resource allocation

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is plopped on the hearth, which is blazing merrily against the still-somewhat-chilly spring evening air, quietly studying the hound book.

Tyren strides into the kennels, face a little red due to the aforementioned still-somewhat-chilly spring evening air.

Elek pads over, earning himself a friendly pat from the knight, and Tyren with his hound by his side makes his way over to Lanisen.
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