Cell 3
Castle Anvard

Morrigan looks up as the door creaks open. She remains crouched by the far wall, practically curled into a ball.

Lanisen enters, accompanied by a handful of guards and a knight, all armed. For his part, he has his arms full with a tall stack of warm-looking (though rather worn) blankets. His face is fairly pale, and he glances around the room before his eyes settle on Morrigan. “Hey, Shenzi,” he says quietly.
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in which sulking can get you killed

Cell 2
Castle Anvard

Lanisen is sleeping sitting up on his cot, leaning against the wall in a somewhat-uncomfortable looking position. He doesn’t look particularly fast asleep, as his face has that tense, squinched sort of look that comes from trying to get to sleep through sheer force of will.

Tyren enters as usual after a word with a guard, and the noise of the cell door opening probably doesn’t help with the trying-to-sleep-ness.

Lanisen, sure enough, opens his eyes and regards the source of the noise balefully.
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prison transfer

Room 7
Sun and Moon Inn

Colin is sitting in his corner.

Lanisen looks rather glum and distant, as seems to be growing to be the norm for him, and avoids looking at Colin.

Loc sits huddled by the fire. Suddenly he stands and goes to the window.
Loc announces grimly, “Horses. Small company going in town… purple and gold livery….” He swallows hard. “They’re here.”
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