beginning’s end

In the Archenland Forest
Middle Archenland

You stand at the edge of the Archenland Forest, where it begins to give way to the Archenland Plains to the west.  The trees here are widely spaced, though to the north you can see rather more of them, shading the grassy turf. To your south and east, you see the low mountain range that separates you from the Southern Desert.

Lanisen makes his way along the path through the woods. His clothing is dark and stained, and there is a certain alertness in the way he walks that suggests he’s making a point to be aware of traffic before or behind him and is more than ready to disappear, should any other traveler overtake him.

Colin is in the branches of a tree along the path, silently enjoying the fruit for breakfast. He’s mostly out of sight, which he probably wishes as he has a clear view of the forest below and beyond where he can watch who passes by.
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