to megren, 25 longsun 1017

Dear Meg,

I am on my way Home but I will be a little later than I planned. I stepped funny on a rock under the water when we were crossing the fords at Beruna a few days ago and hurt my foot a little. It is not very bad and I am well looked after so please do not worry. I am at the inn in the woods where we stayed in the Autumn, where we met Honeydrowse. I will be home next week or the week after.


to megren, 18 longsun 1017

Dear Meg,

I’m sorry for taking so long to write back. It seems like there are always things happening here, or new people being friendly to talk to, or interesting trails that go places you don’t expect. Narnia is just as beautiful in Spring. I have not seen very many Dryads, and those I have seem to be very busy, but the Naiads are very playful just now. A Faun I have met has warned me off swimming with them, though it is not very likely I would have done anyway. He says they don’t mean any harm, but sometimes they don’t know their strength at this time of year and you could get tossed about and sent where you do not mean to go very easily, unless you are a very strong swimmer. The Otters looked like they were having fun, though.

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from megren, 15 greenroof 1017

Dear Lanisen,

I hope Narnia is treating you well, and that it is as nice in spring as in autumn, even with the poorer Circumstances, and that your mission is going like you hoped it would. What are the dryads like in spring, and are the nayads all very much bigger and scarier, or just the same? I want to hear all about what you are doing, if you think you are free to write about it. If not, then whatever you feel you can tell. Continue reading from megren, 15 greenroof 1017

to jana, 6 windbirth 1017


Do you want me to come? I have been reading your letters again and I am not sure. I do not want to come if you do not want me to come. I want to be a Help but it is very complicated and I am very afraid that I will hurt more than I help, especially if you do not want me to be there. Would you say plainly when you write again so that I know? If you want me to come, is Raingiver when the passes are clear all right?
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from jana, 24 snowsong 1017


When in spring are you coming? I can not aford to put you in the inn, also, what wold you like me to tell Merd about why you are heer. If you want I will tell him the truthe but I do not know what he will think so it is up to you. The same is for giffs for Tristrin. I wuld like him to know Chestertin, but I dont know what you wold bring for that. Continue reading from jana, 24 snowsong 1017

from jana, 4 newlight 1017

Hello. The animals heer are still morning about the kings and quenes but I dont think youre staying wood have helped. Some of them liked prince Cor pretty well I guess, but anyway, there’s Our comanders, and the wolfs, and the yunicorns and also a fawn and however many other thousand leaders they cold possibly want if that is what they are looking for. They feel like they knew the kings and quenes is what it is, and so it feels like as if they lost a frend, and most of them are not used to loseing frends any more. It is not some thing that can be helped. I think they are just Lucky there is not very much kayos yet but we will see maybe that is coming.

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to jana, 24 eveningstar 1016


We have gotten Home all right and the castle has not fallen down in our absense. We are all relieved to be back, I think, even though most everyone who was there would rather be in Narnia finding some way to be Helpful. But our prince took it very hard, as the kings and queens were his friends, and it is good for him to be home and to let somebody else answer the hard questions for a while. I think some folk will come back, as soon as they have sorted out everything that is Political. Meg dearly wants to, and I think Sir Darrin too.

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from megren, 24 raingiver 1016

Dear Lanisen,

Sometimes Mother rabbits will leave to draw away Predatores. You might be Right that she would not have come back with you there. Still, I am convinced of your prowess and Charm at handling beastes, so I shall continue to picture it in my preferred manner. You will have to settle yourself with this.
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