around to stay

Sted Cair Town Square
Eastern Narnia

You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township. All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan. The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean. His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate. Instead, it simply looks majestic. A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well. To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest. The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.

Megren laughs. “Well, I’m keeping out of spars with Narnians while on this particular assignment. But I’ll certainly keep it in mind.”

Dreygan says, “Excuses excuses, Aliyah.”

Aliyah bats at Dreygan with her tail. “Do we need to test this again?”

Megren grins.

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cherries and chlamash

Cair Paravel Grounds
Eastern Narnia

Megren sits cross legged under an apple tree, a half eaten basket of cherries in her lap.

Darrin sprawls next to her on his side, his head propped up with one hand.

Megren drops a cherry on his head.

Lanisen follows the little path down below, near the water. He shades his eyes to look up toward the orchard, and after a moment’s hesitation begins up the slope toward them.

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a little light espionage

Kitchen Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

This end of the Royal Garden apparently serves as a growing place for fruit, herbs and vegetables to serve Cair Paravel’s kitchen. The soil must be rich, because these things are growing in great abundance. Grapevines cling to a lattice against the wall, huge bunches of fruit peeking out from under the broad leaves. An apple tree laden with pomes dominates the corner, and all around the path every other kind of good thing to eat is growing too.

A wooden door in the east wall leads into the Cair Paravel kitchen. The path curves delicately through the garden, the north end leading toward the middle of the Royal Garden. The west end heads back into the courtyard.

Avery is sitting on a low stool, seeming to be in conversation with a Mole gardener. She holds a bunch of grapes in one hand. As she listens, she nods, amused.

Lanisen steps through the door from the kitchen, ducking under the hanging grapevines, and follows the path. He hesitates on seeing Lady Avery, and bows quietly once he’s near enough.

Avery looks up when she hears the footfalls. She smiles, nodding. “Hello, Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, ducking his head as he smiles, “Afternoon, my lady.” His eyes shift to the Mole next to her, and he grins. “Hello, Clodsley.”

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from dalia, 23 firedance 1017

Dear Lanisen,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and that you are enjoying Narnia. I spoke with Sehsis and Nasrin the other day, and it seems they are soon to return. I told them they will be missed until they return again. I’ve seen an old friend, Lysana again, it was good to catch up with her. Life is much as it always is. 

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war stories

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand in a surprisingly long, quiet room that runs the length of this side of Cair Paravel’s west wing. The room is narrow in shape, and thus appears to be more of a long, unusually wide corridor. Someone has constructed a series of shelves along the north wall, under tiny windows that let in only enough light to see by. Torchwicks line the south wall that can be lit for additional illumination, and under them sit several wooden tables and accompanying benches.

The floors are bare, so your footfalls send hollow-sounding echoes through the marble walls. There are archways at the southeast and west ends of the room — the west archway leading into the northwest tower, and the southeast archway leading into the common gallery.

Chlamash glances to Mateo, “Zalinreh was a little land under her own disorganized rule. The possession of a lessor lord of a lesser land. Teebeth, the capital city of Tisroc’s enemy. Both now prosper under the Tisroc’s rule.” He thinks for a moment, “Now where should I begin…” This he says more to himself than to his companion.

Mateo nods a little as he listens, waiting for the main part of the story to begin.

Lanisen steps into the library, the heavy door closing softly behind him, carrying two cups of tea. He turns aside to talk briefly with the Faun attendant at her desk and leaves one cup of tea with her before moving on. He looks toward Chlamash and Mateo curiously.

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morning in the garden

East Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Megren sits cross legged on a bench in the garden, reading a small sheaf of parchment.

Lanisen follows the path, his footsteps crunching softly on the gravel. It has rained sometime in the night and there are still silver puddles standing in dips in the ground, and a fresh cool feeling hangs in the air. He turns the corner that brings him within sight of Megren and hesitates.

Megren glances up, gives a small smile of greeting, and continues on reading.

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rumors & holiday plans

Road to Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

This is a dirt road leading east and west along the narrow peninsula that extends from the Narnian mainland to the castle of Cair Paravel. The ground below is earth mixed with sand from the beaches that stretch both north and south from here. The road climbs gradually up a hill as it moves east, and at the top stands Cair Paravel in all its turreted splendor against the open sky. To the west is the center of Sted Cair, the small town which has grown up next to the heart of Narnia.

Deonyc glances at the faun passing, before looking back to Megren to see if she has more to say.

Megren seems finished, because she waves the Faun down. “Eimear, hello! Do you happen to know what the status is on Calya’s honeycakes?”

Lanisen follows the road from the market on the mainland back toward the castle, walking on the side of the road to be out of the way of anybody driving a cart or just walking faster than him. His eyes rest on the people ahead, curious and alert.

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political discussion

Beach North of Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

You stand on the beach at Narnia’s seashore. East of you the blue waters of the Great Eastern Ocean dance under the sunlight as they stretch toward the horizon. The waters are surprisingly calm, but this is probably because the Cair Paravel Peninsula, which juts out into the ocean just south of here, makes this stretch of beach something like a harbor.

To the west, you can see the thatched roofs of Sted Cair just beyond the beach. The sand here is warm, and the beach is quiet save for the rhythmic lapping of the waves. You can follow the beach northward.

Lanisen comes wandering aimlessly down the beach from the direction of the castle, watching the colors of the sunset play over the sky and the water. His trousers and shirt sleeves are rolled up and his shoes are in his hands.

Aliyah is in her newly claimed position atop a sand dune. It seems this may be where she is found more often than not when she is in thought.

Dreygan happens to be coming along the beach from the direction of the forest. He’s just deep enough in the water that, when waves come in, it laps over his ankles.

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long talks on the beach

The Beach near Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

This stretch of beach is quiet, largely abandoned except for the occasional shorebird. Perfectly clear blue water surges up in rhythmic waves to meet the smooth shore, fine golden sand studded with seashells. The water is gentle and fairly shallow for some distance out, though a darkening in the color suggests an abrupt drop-off of the ground below the surface. The beach is sheltered by a series of towering sea-stacks to the southeast and by the the peninsula to the north, on which the castle of Cair Paravel sits with all its windows glittering in the sun. The beach gets progressively rockier to the south, where smooth sand gives way gradually to tide pools and boulders.

A sandy little-trodden path leads southwest up the slope to the main road, and the beach is clear all the way to the castle to the north.

Caileana is perched atop a large flat boulder among the tide pools, the tide low enough just now that it’s easy to get where she is without one’s paws getting too wet. She has a rabbit between her paws that she munches on slowly, watching the water in the tide pool nearest her with interest.

Lanisen follows the steps down from the castle to the sand, his shoes in his hand and his trousers rolled up to his knees. His sleeves are similarly rolled up in concession to the warm evening, exposing his scarred wrists. He limps slightly, but his ankle seems to have healed.

Caileana lifts her head from her snack, her ears perking, when there’s a splash in the water near her.

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portraits and shaky ground

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen has found an alcove in which to tuck himself away under one of the windows on the north wall. The early afternoon sunlight slants down onto the pages of his book and reflects onto his face from underneath.

Avery enters the library, holding a leather-bound book and a small, thin wooden box. Her steps are quiet, but there are little clacking sounds coming from the box.

Lanisen looks up at the soft weighty sound of the door closing again. He straightens slightly where he sits, alert, and gets up to bow.

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