history & potential futures

The Athenaeum of Aslan
Eastern Narnia

You stand the a large, brightly-lit chamber that comprises the Athenaeum of Aslan. Its reputation as a learning center is well-earned, but it looks unlike any typical classroom of any other culture. The chamber is triangular in shape, tapering in from the corners of the south wall to a fine point to the north. There is a low wooden table situated near the northern point, and facing this are concentric rows of circular benches in various sizes, presumably to give attendant pupils a place to sit, listen and learn. The ceiling above is domed, but there is a great open space in the center that is unhindered even by trees. Thus, sunlight and fresh air pour in, illuminating the whole chamber and filling it with the rich, fragrant scents of outdoors.

There are doorways leading into side chambers to the east and west. The east door is marked ‘Charity’, the west is marked ‘Knowledge’. The door to the south leads back out to the Antechamber.

Mateo takes the offered seat next to her, “Mateo, I’m Mateo, it’s nice to meet you”

A daughter of eve with brilliant white-blonde hair (Astrid) smiles. “How have you found your time here? ‘Interesting’?”

Mateo nods, returning her smile, “Yes, very much so!”

Lanisen steps into the antechamber, carefully wiping his feet on the mat provided. He glances up at the sound of voices and smiles a quick greeting to the two.

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