Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen has picked one of the very furthest seats today, one half-hidden from the view of the west door and entirely hidden from the southeast by shelves. He looks exhausted and pale, with shadows under his eyes like he hasn’t been sleeping, and he doesn’t seem entirely absorbed in his book.

Avery comes in through the west door, her footsteps quiet. Her left hand is still bandaged, but it has been kept clean and dry. She stops just inside the door, looking at the shelves.

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The Royal Infirmary
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You stand in the Cair Paravel Infirmary, a long, narrowish room that runs half the length of the Hall. The south wall is lined from ceiling to floor with long wooden shelves, each of which holds a variety of jars, bottles and wooden boxes. Most of them are labelled with hard-to-pronounce names, and there is the strong, pungent odor of drying herbs lingering in the air. The north wall is lined with windows above and cots below. There’s also a kind of desk here, with lots of books and scrolls scattered across it.

Doors are found at either end of the Infirmary. To the east, an open doorway leads out to the Northside Tower. To the west, a wooden door leads out into the Royal Gardens.

Lanisen is perched on a very tall stool, one made to match the very tall counter, which is made for a centaur’s height rather than a human’s. He’s got a book open in front of him and is watching Stormsbreath put together a /something/ in a large glass jar. It seems to be mostly wood shavings. “So what do the spirits do, then?” he asks. “Why not water?”

Avery comes in through the infirmary door. Her left hand is roughly wrapped in a cloth, blood staining the white fabric. She does not appear panicked, though.

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tentative plans

Central Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

You can easily discern this as the center of the royal gardens – a great fountain decorates the courtyard’s center point. It is a scuplture of a grand lion, standing over the water’s edge. This lion is not insignifigant though – it is an artist’s tribute to the ruler of all Narnia, and a portrait of a noble character.

At all four points of the compass a paved path leads to the corners of the courtyard, North, East, South and West. To the east lies the entrance to the grand hall of Cair Paravel, and to the west, the gates of the castle. North and South lead to flower gardens, where one might sit for a spell.

The sides of the paths here are lines with decorative posts and ribbons, leading from east to west to form an aisle (going delicately around the fountain). It appears that the garden to the east has been set up for some kind of ceremony.

Linor perks up again. “Good! Because we’ve had enough of leaving.” and then deflates again. “Why do you think that our Kings and Queens would ever want to leave?”

Avery shakes her head as she sips her tea. She looks thoughtful. “I do not know…”

Lanisen follows the path around the fountain, his footsteps crunching softly in the gravel. His eyes are on the sculpture in the middle of the fountain, so he does not immediately notice Avery and the Mink, but he slows and stops when he does, ducking a bow.

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a little light espionage

Kitchen Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

This end of the Royal Garden apparently serves as a growing place for fruit, herbs and vegetables to serve Cair Paravel’s kitchen. The soil must be rich, because these things are growing in great abundance. Grapevines cling to a lattice against the wall, huge bunches of fruit peeking out from under the broad leaves. An apple tree laden with pomes dominates the corner, and all around the path every other kind of good thing to eat is growing too.

A wooden door in the east wall leads into the Cair Paravel kitchen. The path curves delicately through the garden, the north end leading toward the middle of the Royal Garden. The west end heads back into the courtyard.

Avery is sitting on a low stool, seeming to be in conversation with a Mole gardener. She holds a bunch of grapes in one hand. As she listens, she nods, amused.

Lanisen steps through the door from the kitchen, ducking under the hanging grapevines, and follows the path. He hesitates on seeing Lady Avery, and bows quietly once he’s near enough.

Avery looks up when she hears the footfalls. She smiles, nodding. “Hello, Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, ducking his head as he smiles, “Afternoon, my lady.” His eyes shift to the Mole next to her, and he grins. “Hello, Clodsley.”

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portraits and shaky ground

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen has found an alcove in which to tuck himself away under one of the windows on the north wall. The early afternoon sunlight slants down onto the pages of his book and reflects onto his face from underneath.

Avery enters the library, holding a leather-bound book and a small, thin wooden box. Her steps are quiet, but there are little clacking sounds coming from the box.

Lanisen looks up at the soft weighty sound of the door closing again. He straightens slightly where he sits, alert, and gets up to bow.

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diplomatic babysitting

The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern
Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

You stand inside the Satyr’s Hoof Tavern, a lively and warm social gathering place that is always patonized by many of Sted Cair’s good citizens. The room is brightly lit with dwarven-wrought lanterns, and the walls are adorned with maps, ropes and other adventurer’s gear. Tables are scattered around in no particular fashion, and serving wenches casually stroll among them, taking orders. A large menu on the wall behind the bar lists the current fare.

There is also a long bar along the southwest wall, with crude wooden stools set in front of it. Behind, a tall, handsome-looking Satyr is serving beverages to the patrons seated there. The northeast door leads out onto the square.

A cat with long, grey tabby fur (Trim) is sat on the bar. Not on a stool, on the bar. Any and all cups have been moved far away from him and he is currently engrossed in a small, cat-sized plate of roast chicken.

Haft and Lanisen enter, pausing for a moment to let their eyes adjust to the light before settling on a table a bit to the side of the main area.

Trim looks up from the chicken and towards the humans, “Hullo there, you lot with the duke or the lady?”

Haft looks up. “News travels fast. We’re with the lady.”

Trim says, “Met another chap that was with her not so long ago!” He peers at Haft. “I say, have we met?”

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In the Valley
Southeastern Narnia

The slope here is easily traversed, slanting gently down into the valley to the west. There are a few trees here, tall and widely spaced, giving intermittent shade to the area. These are mostly the tall cone-bearing type, stately pines and friendly larches, but the foliage grows decidedly more deciduous lower in the valley. The ground is covered with sweet-smelling grass and the occasional bank of heather, and a rough track leads further down into the trees. A chattering mountain stream disappears into the wooded valley to the west.

To the south, the mountains rise massive and insurmountable, white peaks often obscured by clouds. North is the range of rocky hills that separates the valley from the great woods, their slopes too steep and treacherous to scale easily.

Megren finishes filling a pot at the stream and sets it over the fire.

Darrin tends to the horses, which are hobbled near the stream’s edge.

Avery wanders around the area, picking up some dry sticks. “Do you need any help, Dame Megren?”

Lanisen helps sort out the general jumble of belongings near where they have built the fire. He carries his bedroll a little distance away from the pile and begins to lay it out.

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up is down

Staff Quarters
Castle Anvard

You stand in a circular tower which serves as a sort of corridor. In the center is a stone pillar, around which stairs are placed, rising to the Nobles’ Quarters above. To the south is the Sewing Room. All around are small tidy rooms, the staff quarters. To the east is the Inner Ward.

Lanisen is locking the door to his room. He tests the knob once, twice, and slips the key on its cord under his collar, where it hangs like a necklace.

Dalia slips out of her room, locking her own door with a soft click and slipping the key into a small pocket.

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Kennel Loft
Castle Anvard

An unfamiliar voice calls up to the loft. “Lanisen? Squire Lanisen, are you there?” There is a note of urgency in the tone.*

Lanisen peers down the steps after a brief pause. “I’m here?” he calls uneasily.

A young man Lanisen might have seen on watch patrols lately looks up. “Squire, you ain’t to eat anything.” He wrings his hands. “I mean, Sir Colin says you ain’t.”

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