day’s end

Southwestern Archenland

Arael walks along one of the garden rows with a bouquet of late summer flowers tucked into her arm.

Lanisen and Colin can be seen walking in the vineyard down in the valley in the early evening, strolling between the rows in no particular hurry, talking. It’s still enough that their voices can be heard for some distance, but the words are unclear.

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kittens and tea parties

Cassandra’s Quarters
Castle Anvard

Cassandra is sitting in her bed, looking still listless. Her food is barely touched.

Lanisen knocks on the door in the early afternoon.

Cassandra doesn’t call or anything. There is just silence.

Lanisen calls through the door after a moment, “Cass? It’s Lanisen, is it– can I come in?”

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In the Archenland Forest
Middle Archenland

A mountain forest surrounds you on every side. Gazing over the trees to the north and south, you see the snowcaps rising, though you can still continue a bit further before the foothills impede your progress. The wide valley you stand in runs east and west between them, a gently rolling, hilly place, covered mostly with grass and the rare flower.

It is an crisp early morning, the type that makes you want to just stay in bed. Everything is peaceful except Cass is no where to be found.

Colin rolls over, slowly waking up. He rubs his eyes and starts to sit up, glancing at the dying embers of the fire.

Lanisen is fast asleep, his blanket over his head.

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Lancelyn Green
Middle Archenland

You stand in the entrance of the Lancelyn Green stables. Every so often you hear a neigh or whinny from one of the stable residents. Rows of stalls line the path ahead. Some are empty, others are occupied by horses. At the far northern end after a second row of stalls is a large door open to the paddocks. In the middle of the stalls is an area where stable hands attend to the grooming and shoeing needs of the horses. To the right of this area is a ladder leading up to the loft. To the east is a door leading to the Feeding Area and to the west is a door to the Tack Room.

A bucket and fresh hay are provided in each stall for the horse. There is a soft crunch as you walk across the hard packed dirt floor scattered with hay. A young man with coppery hair and bright green eyes is preparing a nearby stall for a new resident. This looks like a fine place to keep your horse.

Colin dismounts outside the stable and leads Coalblack inside.

Lanisen is sitting inside the stable on a haybale, watching the road. There is a ball in his left hand, which he is alternately squeezing and tossing up and down, working absently on strength and dexterity while he waits. When Colin comes into view, he pockets the ball and stands slowly.

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asking leave

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Abrielle laughs quietly as Haft goes pink. She bobs her head a bit at Barret. “Hello Barret. Nice to meet you.”

A son of adam with grey-streaked hair says, “Pleasure to meet you”

Haft says, “Barret here is one of the few men like me in the barracks who’s past his first shave.”

Lanisen leaves the kennels, shutting the door securely behind himself, and heads across the ward toward the stables. He is purposeful in his movement and keeps his head down.

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up is down

Staff Quarters
Castle Anvard

You stand in a circular tower which serves as a sort of corridor. In the center is a stone pillar, around which stairs are placed, rising to the Nobles’ Quarters above. To the south is the Sewing Room. All around are small tidy rooms, the staff quarters. To the east is the Inner Ward.

Lanisen is locking the door to his room. He tests the knob once, twice, and slips the key on its cord under his collar, where it hangs like a necklace.

Dalia slips out of her room, locking her own door with a soft click and slipping the key into a small pocket.

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foggy morning

Inner Ward of Anvard
Castle Anvard

Lanisen leaves the kitchen in the early morning, a hunk of buttered brown bread in his hand. His limp is more pronounced than usual, either because it is exacerbated by the chill or because the ward is still too quiet for him to bother hiding it. It is very foggy.

Arael comes walking out of the hallway that leads to the library. She holds a book in her hands, and a light wrap is thrown across her shoulders. Her pace is brisk, but then she pauses for a moment and squints as she peers right and left through the fog.

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