to dalia, 8 harvesthome 1017

Hello Dalia,

I hope you enjoy your time in Carmichael. It is a very beautiful part of the country, with so many mountains and hills and ripples in the land that even when you think you know it all it will still surprise you with something new. Please tell Cass hello for me, if you see her on the way there or back. She is working at the inn in Lancelyn Green.

I am curious about your mention of loose ends in Carmichael, but as I can’t see your face I am not sure if it is something I ought to ask after or not. Please consider the question asked, if it is something you want to talk about, or consider it let to fall if it is something you do not. Whatever it is, I hope you find the peace you are looking for.

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from dalia, 4 harvesthome 1017

Dear Lanisen,

We are Carmichael. I came on a mission from Lady Astera and Abrielle and My sister Nessa expressed a wish to come so we are here now. I have not heard from you so I hope I am not presuming too much in writing. I am certain that you must be very busy learning all sorts of things in Narnia, and I hope my tone in my letter was not too strong. I truly wish for what is right and best for you.

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from dalia, 15 treeturn 1017

Dear Lanisen,

Please forgive me for the time it took to write to you. I had to take some time to consider your letter, as it caught me off guard and I wasn’t certain how to respond. Please know I am very happy for you and that you have found something that interests you and that will be of much good to others. I am certain you will grow to be a great healer some day.

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from dalia, 9 lionheart 1017

To Lanisen,

(There are several crossed out sections here as if the author was unsure how to start.)

I was quite pleased to receive your letter. It arrived just yesterday. Your descriptions of Narnia were wonderful. Though I am sorry for them about the loss of their Majesties. Queen Lucy seemed particularly kind when she and King Edmund were here after the battle.

What must it be like to have a nose like a wolf? What scents do they smell? Do they smell they same as us? I assume their noses must be much more powerful. A mole seems like the right sort for the gardens in Narnia, though I do not think Miss Sareen would appreciate a non-talking one in her garden. What are the the Gardens like? What sort of things grow in them? Do they have lots of flowers?

I particularly loved your description of the messenger bat. She sounds like a dear and I would love to meet her. I am sorry to hear though that there is worry and uncertainty, I am sure you are doing your best for everyone. You are a kind friend and I am sure that is just what the Narnians need.

This week has been quiet rainy, so that most of the merchants have stayed indoors. Sehsis and Nasrin have gone back to Calomen, and Deonyc has returned. I met him in the kitchen the other day and asked what had happened but I could only make out that something must have happened in Narnia. Please do not worry that I will ask more of the visitors to Narnia if you believe secrecy is best. I will be sure to tell everyone you send greetings. Please tell Megren and everyone there hello for me.


to dalia, 29 firedance 1017

Hello Dalia!

Thank you for your Letter. Narnia is very nice, and everybody at the castle has been very kind and has made us feel very much at home, though it is very different without the Kings and Queens and there is a sort of feeling that everybody is sad when you aren’t looking. Even so, it has been good to talk with people and hear about what they are thinking.

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from dalia, 23 firedance 1017

Dear Lanisen,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and that you are enjoying Narnia. I spoke with Sehsis and Nasrin the other day, and it seems they are soon to return. I told them they will be missed until they return again. I’ve seen an old friend, Lysana again, it was good to catch up with her. Life is much as it always is. 

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packing up

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is packing. There is a rucksack open on a chair half-full of travel supplies and clothing, and he’s wandering around the kennel to see what else he might need, distracted.

Megren comes down the stairs holding up a sachet of tea. “This one?”

Lanisen halts his wandering and blinks at the sachet. “What was it doing up there?” he wonders.

Megren asks, “We brought the whole pot up that one night, with all your teas, remember?”

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Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Lanisen makes his way through the market in the early afternoon. Despite the sunny day, he’s wearing a scarf and a jacket. He’s got bags under his eyes and looks a little pale.

Deonyc walks along the marketplace aside a fellow guardsman, they are both in uniform but greeting people as they meet.

Dalia slips out from the stables, dusting off her dress and brushing a hair behind her ear.

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an unexpected party

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is busy cleaning, shaking out the rugs and sweeping heaps of shed dog fur and straw and dried herbs out into the ward. The windows are all open and the kennel smells pleasantly of soap and fresh herbs.

Deonyc comes walking in from the outer ward in his hunting gear which he carefully hangs on a peg, making sure a small leather bag is well out of reach of the hounds. He looks around, and, spotting Lanisen, gives a quick, “Hello!”

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