history & potential futures

The Athenaeum of Aslan
Eastern Narnia

You stand the a large, brightly-lit chamber that comprises the Athenaeum of Aslan. Its reputation as a learning center is well-earned, but it looks unlike any typical classroom of any other culture. The chamber is triangular in shape, tapering in from the corners of the south wall to a fine point to the north. There is a low wooden table situated near the northern point, and facing this are concentric rows of circular benches in various sizes, presumably to give attendant pupils a place to sit, listen and learn. The ceiling above is domed, but there is a great open space in the center that is unhindered even by trees. Thus, sunlight and fresh air pour in, illuminating the whole chamber and filling it with the rich, fragrant scents of outdoors.

There are doorways leading into side chambers to the east and west. The east door is marked ‘Charity’, the west is marked ‘Knowledge’. The door to the south leads back out to the Antechamber.

Mateo takes the offered seat next to her, “Mateo, I’m Mateo, it’s nice to meet you”

A daughter of eve with brilliant white-blonde hair (Astrid) smiles. “How have you found your time here? ‘Interesting’?”

Mateo nods, returning her smile, “Yes, very much so!”

Lanisen steps into the antechamber, carefully wiping his feet on the mat provided. He glances up at the sound of voices and smiles a quick greeting to the two.

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cherries and chlamash

Cair Paravel Grounds
Eastern Narnia

Megren sits cross legged under an apple tree, a half eaten basket of cherries in her lap.

Darrin sprawls next to her on his side, his head propped up with one hand.

Megren drops a cherry on his head.

Lanisen follows the little path down below, near the water. He shades his eyes to look up toward the orchard, and after a moment’s hesitation begins up the slope toward them.

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Infirmary Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen is sitting alone on a bench along the castle walls, bent over a book. He seems to have been engrossed for some time, because the sky is now too dark to provide enough light for easy reading, but it doesn’t look like he’s even noticed.

Darrin strolls through the gardens, a small basket in one hand. His fingers are stained a bit purple and he’s busy picking blackberries, humming what sounds like a popular sea shanty under his breath.

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In the Valley
Southeastern Narnia

The slope here is easily traversed, slanting gently down into the valley to the west. There are a few trees here, tall and widely spaced, giving intermittent shade to the area. These are mostly the tall cone-bearing type, stately pines and friendly larches, but the foliage grows decidedly more deciduous lower in the valley. The ground is covered with sweet-smelling grass and the occasional bank of heather, and a rough track leads further down into the trees. A chattering mountain stream disappears into the wooded valley to the west.

To the south, the mountains rise massive and insurmountable, white peaks often obscured by clouds. North is the range of rocky hills that separates the valley from the great woods, their slopes too steep and treacherous to scale easily.

Megren finishes filling a pot at the stream and sets it over the fire.

Darrin tends to the horses, which are hobbled near the stream’s edge.

Avery wanders around the area, picking up some dry sticks. “Do you need any help, Dame Megren?”

Lanisen helps sort out the general jumble of belongings near where they have built the fire. He carries his bedroll a little distance away from the pile and begins to lay it out.

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plague party

Knights’ Quarters
Castle Anvard

Megren sits at the short table under the window in her quarters. Despite a comfortable spring day, she has her wrap pulled around her. Her knees are pulled up to her chest with her feet on the seat of the chair, and she leans forward against them with her arms tucked between her body and her thighs, only reaching out to turn the pages of the sheafs of parchment that sit on the table.

Lanisen knocks three times on the door.

Megren drops her legs suddenly enough to make a small ‘thud’ and gets up to open it, sticking her face between door and frame. Tiny winds around her legs and whines, then slips out and bolts down the hall.

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cheese to come

Anvard Pastures
Castle Anvard

Lanisen is wandering the empty pasture with Nia, slowly making his way down toward the lake.

Darrin leads Gambol back to the horse pasture from the stables and lets him off his lead.

Lanisen shades his eyes against the late afternoon sun, squinting toward Darrin and Gambol.

Darrin watches as Gambol shakes his mane and trots off immediately, without so much as a backwards glance. “Typical,” he snorts to himself, with a shake of his head and a smile.

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dame megren

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is just leaving the kitchen with a glass jar held carefully in one hand. The jar holds a little water at the bottom and a little bouquet of about every kind of flower one can find in early spring and a few you can’t: crocus, snowdrop, daffodil, cherry blossom, and several long sprigs of flowering herbs from the solarium.

Dalia makes her way into the kitchen, with her shawl around her, she looks quite a little bit better than the night before.

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megren’s vigil

Inner Ward
Castle Anvard

Megren stands in the middle of the ward, dressed in her full hauberk, gambeson, and half-plate, the crest of Archenland emblazoned on her tabard.

Cantil stands to the side in Coghill blue, talking quietly with Tern as they wait. He glances toward the Chancellor’s tower and straightens slightly as Lord Cole emerges.

Sir Darrin emerges from the noble’s tower dressed equally formally, the blue tabard over his chainmail bearing his personal standard of eagle and flowers, and his decorative sword on his hip.

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foreign affairs

Megren sits with her legs crossed and tucked up under her on a chair at the table. She is sinking low toward the table and her book.

Darrin, seated across from Megren, has a glass of wine beside him and a book that looks suspiciously like a novel open on the table. A stack of books of a more serious nature, seeming to be mainly treatises on diplomacy and international incidents, is set aside.

Lanisen ducks between shelves and pillars, glancing down each row as he passes. He halts on finding them, but hesitates at the end of the row to gauge from a safe distance if he is interrupting. He has a letter folded in one hand.

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day 3: processing

Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Megren sits on a boulder at the edge of the pool to wait for Lanisen, wrapping her cloak tight around her.

Darrin perches on the corner of the same boulder, his gaze drawn to the falls.

Lanisen and Cor come walking together down the path from the campsite. Lanisen has his shoulders hunched up a bit against the chill and his hands in his pocket, and he is keeping a covert eye on Cor.

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