last morning in the woods

In the Great Woods
Southeastern Narnia

Dreygan walks along one of the somewhat clearer paths through the woods. There are several leaves caught in his pelt, particularly across his back and one side. Despite the crisp air, his legs are wet, as if he’s been wading recently.

Lanisen is sitting on the step again, a mug of fragrant coffee cupped in his hands.

Dreygan pauses and sniffs as the scent of the coffee drifts towards him. He tips his head, then walks that way. “What’ve you got this time?”

Lanisen answers, shifting where he sits, “Coffee. I never had it. It smelled good.”

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In the Great Woods
Southeastern Narnia

Lanisen sits on the inn’s front step in the cool autumn sunshine. He has a map of Narnia unfolded on his lap, and he is poring over it with interest.

A wolf with heavy scarring over his right eye is preceded by the rustling of branches and twigs. He emerges into the area around the inn, sniffing at the ground before placing his feet.

Lanisen raises his head at the rustling and looks around until he locates its source. He shifts slightly so that he is more ready to get to his feet, watching the Wolf with a curiosity and interest that is more respectful than wary.

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