the regular crowd

The Narrow Gate Hall
Eastern Archenland

Vinri is sitting at the bar, chin on her hand and eyes closed. There’s a cup of cider at her elbow.

Lanisen heads to the bar, craning his neck to catch a glance into the kitchen. He chooses a seat a little ways down from Vinri and hoists himself up, asking Dranken for a slice of pie.

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snakes and hounds

Castle Anvard

Lanisen is mopping the back section of the kennels. There are no dogs about, and the whole place smells strongly of soap.

Darius slips into the Kennels as silently as possible, carefully closing the door behind him until a ‘click’ is heard. Taking in the scene before him, a grin forms as he notes Lanisen. “Why! If it isn’t Lanisen! ” he chuckles, taking a few steps further in.

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sticks and crooks

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Eston limps into the outer ward. He is not using his crutch today and this is probably not a good idea on his part as when he is in the crowd he loses his footing and crashes into someone, apologising profusely for nearly knocking them off their feet.

Lanisen, sitting outside the kennel reading, raises his head at the commotion. He winces a little, watching.

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Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Eston pauses as he spots him but, growing curious about his strange behaviour instead of greeting him he just watches with vague interest.

Darius is standing with his left hand flat on the wall and eyes narrowly examining it. Still not yet aware of Eston behind him, he abruptly turns right and begins walking, hand never leaving the wall.

Eston’s curiosity gets the better of him and he call out, “What are you doing?”

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anvard under siege

At the Fork
Eastern Archenland

The path divides here, one fork curving west toward Anvard and the other continuing to the northeast toward Andale. The trees are very thick here, with dense patches of thorny briar filling in the gaps between trunks, and it is impossible to see very far down the road in any direction. Sweet raspberries can be found in the thickets on either side of the path in summertime, and the forest is noisy with wildlife.

(OOC note: the events of this RP follow chapter 11 of The Horse and His Boy, and a more complete log can be found here. This log contains crowd and battle scenes which have been edited and color-coded for clarity and readability.)

Lune, at the head of the hunting party, keeps his horse at a brisk canter. He draws up outside the gates and turns to face the company. “The town must be warned.” He surveys them briefly, grim-faced and calculating, and says, “Sir Colin.”

Colin guides his mount to King Lune’s side. “Sire?” He asks, his expression serious.

Dar follows close behind his sovereign, his own expression sober to the point of severity. He reins Celeres in and listens intently.

Lanisen draws up as well, handling his horse with far more ease than two months ago at this time, and glances from the king to Colin.

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Fischer’s Tavern
Western Archenland

Eston walks into the tavern, sitting down heavily at the bar. He takes a moment to gather his surroundings before ordering a tankard of ale.

Loc enters the tavern with a swagger, although it’s somewhat diminished by the day’s work. He’s got a light covering of dust and he wears a long wrap to keep out the cold. He finds a seat and flags a wench for some cider and bread.

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making amends

Fischer’s Tavern
Western Archenland

Lanisen is at a table near a window, close to the back of the room where he can sit with his back to the wall and keep an eye on both the road and the other tavern patrons. He’s about halfway through a bowl of soup and an ale.

Eston walks into the tavern and makes his way towards the bar, buying himself some ale, he looks exhausted and stressed.

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