all that glitters

Outer Ward
Castle Anvard

Vinri glances at the nearby barrel, just a few away from where her goods are displayed on her own. “Good morning, Master Haft,” she greets him before responding to the Lady, “Aye, that’s a bit of amethyst, and well-cut, too.”

Greta gives Haft a little wave before saying to Vinri, “60 is ok then?”

Avery turns back to Vinri. “Ah, yes. Indeed.” She looks at the rest of the wares, but she directs a question to Haft. “It’s been some time since we’ve last crossed paths. How do you fare?”

Vinri smiles at Greta. “Who’m I to keep your mam from a gift? Sixty’s lovely. And shall I keep the pin around for a bit?” She gestures to a simple white hair pin, also on display with a few necklaces set with pretty, if not pricy, stones.

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