goodbye until autumn

Selale Basin
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen has led the big gray gelding that came with him to the water for a good long drink. His belongings are all packed neatly in a pile just outside the cave where he’s been staying, ready to be loaded. The basin is full of pale gold reflected morning light, only the upper west cliffs directly illuminated.

Jana leads Tristan by the hand into the basin. She holds a small package in her other hand.

Lanisen glances up from the horse when Tohol starts baying, and his whole entire face lights up with a grin. “Good mornin’!”

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fast-paced advice

Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen has found a sheltered, sunny nook in the rocks surrounding the pool to hide himself in. There’s a piece of blank parchment on his knees and a charcoal for writing in his hand, but he doesn’t look like he’s made much progress.

Pheeobe comes to the pool from the trees and begins lapping up the water with her tongue.

Chiltic bobs up and down as he flies along, chirping and tweeting away. He dives upon noticing some sweet, sweet nectar and happily feasts upon the flower’s delightful goodness.

Lanisen lifts his head from his task and watches the Wolf as she comes into his field of vision.

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unpacking correspondence

At the Base of the Watchtower
Lantern Waste
Northern Narnia

Jana comes out of the tower with a mildly disquisitive expression.

Lanisen follows the east path, ducking low-hanging branches, and steps out into the clearing around the front of the tower. He’s got his sleeves rolled up in concession to the sunny warmth of the day, not hiding his scars for once.

Jana calls out to him.

Lanisen glances up. He grins in greeting and picks up his pace.

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sir snooty and the salamanders

Riverbank, Northeast of Beaversdam
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

You stand at the eastern edge of Lantern Waste, on the northern bank of the Great River. To the west, the dense foliage of the Waste forest makes the riverbank path shady and cool, while to the east and south, Narnia opens into magnificent rolling plains.

The Great River is dammed here by a large assemblage of logs. The dam appears to be sturdy and juts out across the water to the southwest to a charming little mound in the very center of the river. The spillover is constant, but the dam appears to be wide enough to walk on provided one doesn’t mind wet feet.

The riverbank path continues eastward downstream, and follows the riverbank westward into Lantern Waste.

Jana walks along the bank of the river, a small child’s hand in her own.

Lanisen is waiting near the dam, sitting cross-legged on the ground in the shade of a weeping willow.

Tristran stops his mother some distance away. She leans down to speak with him and he points toward the figure under the willow, exclaiming jubilantly. After a few further exchanged words, he scuttles away from her and down the slope toward the man. “Hello!”

Lanisen gets to his feet as Jana and Tristran come into view and steps forward to meet them, pushing aside the hanging willow branches and grinning fit to split. “Hello!”

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necessary conversations

At the Base of the Watchtower
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen sits at the base of the watchtower, his hands folded on top of his knees.

Jana comes walking toward the tower looking vaguely put out.

Lanisen looks up at the sound of footsteps. He gets to his feet.

Jana nods to him curtly as she nears.

Lanisen lowers his head and looks at her anxiously. “I came to– I came to apologize,” he offers.

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reaching & falling

At the Base of the Watchtower
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

The Northern Wood is a dense and varied woodland. It consists primarily of oak and white pine trees, with a variety of other groves growing here and there. Some of the thicker trunks bear black, ribbed scars from some ancient fire, which might help to explain the large natural clearing that has formed here. The trees thin out to buckthorn and gorse bush about a large tower built of rough-hewn stone. The tower is in good repair, and stretches high enough to clear the tree canopy, presumably affording a good view from all approaches.

Jana walks toward the tower from somewhere northish. She is removing a wrap as she walks, as the day is growing more comfortable.

Lanisen is sitting on a stump near the line where the new forest meets the older forest. More visibly, a big bay gelding stands placidly, his tail whisking at flies.

Jana stops and frowns.

Lanisen doesn’t notice immediately, his head bent over a book, but the massive black wolfhound at his feet that sits up and raises its ears as Jana nears gets his attention. He glances up.

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to jana, 6 windbirth 1017


Do you want me to come? I have been reading your letters again and I am not sure. I do not want to come if you do not want me to come. I want to be a Help but it is very complicated and I am very afraid that I will hurt more than I help, especially if you do not want me to be there. Would you say plainly when you write again so that I know? If you want me to come, is Raingiver when the passes are clear all right?
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from jana, 24 snowsong 1017


When in spring are you coming? I can not aford to put you in the inn, also, what wold you like me to tell Merd about why you are heer. If you want I will tell him the truthe but I do not know what he will think so it is up to you. The same is for giffs for Tristrin. I wuld like him to know Chestertin, but I dont know what you wold bring for that. Continue reading from jana, 24 snowsong 1017