stuff hits the fan

Room 1
Carmichael Lodge
Western Archenland

There is a frantic pounding on the door.

Colin is sitting on his bed reading a book, which jerks into the air in surprise when the pounding suddenly begins.

Lanisen is flopped on his bed, absently doing his hand exercises and reading a letter. He startles a little and glances at Colin, sitting up.

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how to break a heart

Carmichael Settlement
Western Archenland

You stand in a clearing nestled close to the mountains and surrounded by
thick brush and tangle. Scattered around the clearing in the shade of the
mountain are several stone houses with carefully-thatched roofs. They
are a fair size, though most consist of only one room, but they look snug
and dry. Most are lit brightly as their occupants go about their daily
routines, but some are dark and look like they might have been abandoned.

Cassandra is outside in the back, beating an old rug. Langin is sitting in the shade, sipping some ale. He mutters to the girl, “I don’t think you are hitting it that hard, Cassie.”

Lanisen slips around the corner of the house from the front, not quite sneaking, but certainly hoping not to be heard. He stops just on the edge of what might be called the back yard, nervous and hesitant, not announcing himself.

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family dinner

Fischer’s Tavern

You are in Fischer’s Tavern. A tall lanky man is standing behind the bar with a towel in one hand and a grin on his face. In front of him there is a nice hardwood bar about four feet high. Quite a few glasses and bottles stand on it waiting for a order. The barkeep motions towards a stool, “Name’s Fischer. Have a seat, what can I get ya to drink?”

Cassandra is sitting at a table, tapping her foot. She looks a bit impatient as she chews her lip.

Lanisen pauses at the door to scrape the mud from his boots, then continues in. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry, and crosses to the counter to speak with Fischer without noticing his sister.

Cassandra sees her point of interest. She jumps up, making a beeline for him. “Lanisen!”

Lanisen turns at the sound of his name. “Hey!” he says, lighting up. “How’re you?”

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