to megren & darrin, 11 harvesthome 1017

Meg and Sir Darrin,

There is a Dragon in Lantern Waste. There is a report from the northern guard going to the council that I am sure you will hear; I am watching Torgin write it right now and it will come by the same Bird, I think, but I wanted to write as well and tell you that nobody is hurt that I know of, and everybody is safe and looked after.

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to megren, 10 treeturn 1017


I don’t know how to write about this.

I did not leave to end the conversation; it is only that you were hurting me and I was hurting you and I could not find where it ended. It seems that things have been Bad for a very long time and I did not know, and I do not know when the bad times began, and I do not know how to sort the times that were Good from the times that were bad, and I wonder now if it was not bad all along. I am sorry for it.

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from megren, 9 treeturn 1017

To Lanisen in Lantern Waste, from Dame Megren at Cair Paravel

Dear Lanisen.

I wish that you felt comfortable having a conversation with me in person. I’m sorry that I’ve made it so you don’t. [crossed out — “I wish” followed by some more cross-outs that are unreadable.] It hurt me that you felt the best way to handle our conflicts was to end the conversation, and it hurt me even more that you chose to leave when you did, and would have left without saying goodbye if you could have. A letter is not the same.

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to megren and darrin, 23 lionheart 1017

This letter is carefully written in neat handwriting without hesitation, suggesting that it is the final product of many drafts.

Dame Megren and Sir Darrin–

I wanted to say that I am so very Sorry for everything. I have caused a lot of harm and pain and I would take it all back if I could. I think it is best right now for all of us if I go away for a while. I have talked with somebody I trust and he has said that I should find somebody whom I can help.
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stepping back

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen sits on his bunk, his satchel open, clothing freshly retrieved from the launderer but not yet folded heaped beside him. Another pile, this one made of supplies like dried meat and fruit, some hard bread and other foodstuffs that will keep on the road, is next to it. He’s methodically folding and tucking away each of these in their turn, packing.

Haft enters in his uniform, apparently freshly off duty. He does a double-take as he notices Lanisen packing. “Where are you off to?”

Lanisen glances up as the door opens, then looks down again to neatly fold and roll a brown shirt. “Lantern Waste,” he answers. “It’s gettin’ toward autumn.”

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giving & taking

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen sits on the edge of the eastern-facing wharf, his feet dangling in the water. He’s sitting on his hands, and his shoes are sitting neatly next to him.

Megren walks along down the wharf at a leisurely pace, but her step hesitates when she sees the other figure out ahead.

Lanisen stirs his feet absently through the water, watching the ripples.

Megren pushes her mouth to the side and stands there for a good moment, then starts toward him, the dock bouncing a little under her feet.

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impromptu feast

The Beach near Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

Oren’s camp is stirring about the fringes, with a couple of tables laid out with the remains of a great feast: soup, fish, cheeses, mead, pheasant and some sort of excellent roast as well as a mound of roasted potatoes in some sort of sauce overflow. A runner was sent into town scarce a quarter of an hour before, and any who could be found about at the hour were told they were welcome to partake of the sunset meal. The smell of fat, frying over a fire, wafts into the area, a bit at odds with the style of the elegant meal laid out on the table, but no less mouth-watering.”

Leon had been partaking in an evening stroll, when the messenger found him, and thus now he found himself on the beach, approaching the camp and all that inviting food.

Eimear quickly follows after Leon and comes to the beach with a large smile. She calls out, “I heard there was a feast and it sure smells like it!”

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The Beach near Sted Cair
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen is sitting in the shadow of a heap of boulders a little ways from the shore, his waterskin by his side and a book in his lap. He can see most of the beach from his seat.

Leon strolls along the beach, admiring the view. He takes no notice of Lanisen for the moment, so engrossed in the view is he.

Lanisen raises his head from his book as the Faun comes into view. He doesn’t call out or disturb him, but he doesn’t return immediately to his book either. He reaches for his waterskin and takes a drink.

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