keeping in company

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Megren speaks quietly with a bespectacled Skunk, handing the Musteloid a small, nearly empty bottle.

Lanisen slips into the infirmary, glancing down the room. His eyes settle briefly on Megren and the Skunk, then skip past toward Stormsbreath working at his desk at the far end.

Megren hands over a small linen pouch as well, to some very pleased chirruping from her friend. She looks up when Lanisen enters the room. “Hey.”

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strengths & weak points

Ragaflower’s Glade
Eastern Narnia

You find yourself standing in a pretty little forested glade, surrounded on all sides by trees. It’s a quiet, peaceful glade, carpeted by thick grass and wildflowers that give off rich scents. There’s an air of seclusion here, but it’s not a lonely feeling. More of a private place, away from the bustle of the towns that exist nearby in the Great Woods.

There’s a break in the foliage to the north.

Aliyah is resting in the clearing. It is her favorite spot away from the crowds of the town and the men camped out on the beach. her eyes are closed, but she is not sleeping… Just deep in thought.

Lanisen follows the path, his footsteps nearly inaudible on the soft moss underfoot. He pauses on the edge of the trees, looking up at the dusky sky.

Aliyah has not heard Lanisen approach, but she does catch a scent and sits up quickly, scanning her surroundings. “Lanisen?” she calls, a bit of concern in her voice.

Lanisen comes back down to earth rather quickly at this. “Yeah?” he calls back, not immediately recognizing the voice, or seeing the speaker. He squints in the poor light.

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around to stay

Sted Cair Town Square
Eastern Narnia

You stand in the middle of Sted Cair’s Town Square, the social hub of the township. All around you the citizens of Sted Cair are enjoying the fine weather as they travel through, going about their daily business.

The square itself is somewhat parklike, dominated in the center by a large grey marble statue of Aslan. The lion is seated and looks toward the east where Cair Paravel stands and his own land lies far beyond the ocean. His expression, while impressive, is neither menacing nor sedate. Instead, it simply looks majestic. A plaque underneath the statue simply reads, “Aslan”.

Streets lead in all four directions out of the square. There are buildings at each corner as well. To the northeast is the Explorer’s shop, and the Fruit Market sits under an impressive pavillion to the northwest. The Satyr’s Hoof Tavern lies to the southwest, and Grumich’s Pawnshop is southeast.

Megren laughs. “Well, I’m keeping out of spars with Narnians while on this particular assignment. But I’ll certainly keep it in mind.”

Dreygan says, “Excuses excuses, Aliyah.”

Aliyah bats at Dreygan with her tail. “Do we need to test this again?”

Megren grins.

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cherries and chlamash

Cair Paravel Grounds
Eastern Narnia

Megren sits cross legged under an apple tree, a half eaten basket of cherries in her lap.

Darrin sprawls next to her on his side, his head propped up with one hand.

Megren drops a cherry on his head.

Lanisen follows the little path down below, near the water. He shades his eyes to look up toward the orchard, and after a moment’s hesitation begins up the slope toward them.

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morning in the garden

East Garden
Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Megren sits cross legged on a bench in the garden, reading a small sheaf of parchment.

Lanisen follows the path, his footsteps crunching softly on the gravel. It has rained sometime in the night and there are still silver puddles standing in dips in the ground, and a fresh cool feeling hangs in the air. He turns the corner that brings him within sight of Megren and hesitates.

Megren glances up, gives a small smile of greeting, and continues on reading.

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rumors & holiday plans

Road to Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

This is a dirt road leading east and west along the narrow peninsula that extends from the Narnian mainland to the castle of Cair Paravel. The ground below is earth mixed with sand from the beaches that stretch both north and south from here. The road climbs gradually up a hill as it moves east, and at the top stands Cair Paravel in all its turreted splendor against the open sky. To the west is the center of Sted Cair, the small town which has grown up next to the heart of Narnia.

Deonyc glances at the faun passing, before looking back to Megren to see if she has more to say.

Megren seems finished, because she waves the Faun down. “Eimear, hello! Do you happen to know what the status is on Calya’s honeycakes?”

Lanisen follows the road from the market on the mainland back toward the castle, walking on the side of the road to be out of the way of anybody driving a cart or just walking faster than him. His eyes rest on the people ahead, curious and alert.

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15 firedance 1017

Cair Paravel
Eastern Narnia

Lanisen sits in a chair by the empty hearth, poring over a book bound in dark red cloth. There’s a map of Terebinthia on one of the pages.

Deonyc comes walking into the library, he glances at lanisen but isn’t about to go and bug him he looks around for any library staff but can’t seem to find any

Lanisen glances up from his book as the door opens. He doesn’t call out, and he bows his head over the page again, but he doesn’t seem to be reading. He watches Deonyc from the corner of his eye.

Deonyc looks at the row of bookshelves with musing interest, not that he can read any of them but nonetheless he scans the covers for anything he can make sense of.

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In the Valley
Southeastern Narnia

The slope here is easily traversed, slanting gently down into the valley to the west. There are a few trees here, tall and widely spaced, giving intermittent shade to the area. These are mostly the tall cone-bearing type, stately pines and friendly larches, but the foliage grows decidedly more deciduous lower in the valley. The ground is covered with sweet-smelling grass and the occasional bank of heather, and a rough track leads further down into the trees. A chattering mountain stream disappears into the wooded valley to the west.

To the south, the mountains rise massive and insurmountable, white peaks often obscured by clouds. North is the range of rocky hills that separates the valley from the great woods, their slopes too steep and treacherous to scale easily.

Megren finishes filling a pot at the stream and sets it over the fire.

Darrin tends to the horses, which are hobbled near the stream’s edge.

Avery wanders around the area, picking up some dry sticks. “Do you need any help, Dame Megren?”

Lanisen helps sort out the general jumble of belongings near where they have built the fire. He carries his bedroll a little distance away from the pile and begins to lay it out.

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Behind the Waterfall
Anvard Pastures
Northeastern Archenland

Lanisen has brought a book with him to the cave, one that looks new and unfamiliar. He’s sitting with his back to the cave wall, facing the waterfall but far enough away that the splashes can’t reach, and he has a handful of small sour cherries sitting on a handkerchief next to him as he reads.

Megren comes up along the path, slowing when he comes in sight.

Lanisen doesn’t hear her approach over the noise of the waterfall, but he glances up toward the waterfall when he finishes the page and halts in the middle of turning to the next when he catches sight of her. He watches her uneasily.

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