fast-paced advice

Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen has found a sheltered, sunny nook in the rocks surrounding the pool to hide himself in. There’s a piece of blank parchment on his knees and a charcoal for writing in his hand, but he doesn’t look like he’s made much progress.

Pheeobe comes to the pool from the trees and begins lapping up the water with her tongue.

Chiltic bobs up and down as he flies along, chirping and tweeting away. He dives upon noticing some sweet, sweet nectar and happily feasts upon the flower’s delightful goodness.

Lanisen lifts his head from his task and watches the Wolf as she comes into his field of vision.

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passing by

Gathering Circle
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

High up in the trees, a spotted Leopard lounges in the branches. She watches everything, the Dwarf and the pony not going unnoticed. The only indication that she is there is her long tail hanging from the tree, flicking back and forth.

Bracken catches the movement and his gaze follows the tail upward, surprised. “Good morning, Ma’am.”

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inevitable offense

Selale Basin
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen sits cross-legged in the sunshine near the pool, his back to a boulder and a letter unfolded in his lap. A large wolfhound is bounding around the basin area, snapping gleefully at grasshoppers.

A leopard with a long tail (Nimera) pads into the basin, her tail twitching back and forth. The human and dog stop her in her tracks as she stares at the newcomers. Her whiskers twitch as she observes in silence.

The wolfhound pauses what he is doing as the wind brings him Nimera’s scent. He tucks his tail and lowers his head and bares his teeth in a low growl.

Lanisen glances up in some alarm to see what has caught the hound’s attention. “Tohol, to me,” he says quickly when he’s found the Leopard, getting to his feet. “Here, now, come here.”

Nimera may look a bit affronted when the dog snarls at her. She flicks her tail, “I say, there is no need for snarls.” She sounds almost bored.

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