awkward encounter

Ziel’s Practice Grounds
Eastern Archenland

You stand in another bit of cleared ground, just off Vechter’s Field, and obviously a part of it.  Ziel, a young Son of Adam, sits on his chair, generally snoozing unless he’s pestered for a target.  Behind him is a pile of straw targets, some new, some half-made, some completely destroyed, ready to be taken apart and remade, if only Ziel would wake up and get to work.  There are several stands at different hights, scattered across the clearing.  It appears that the targets are affixed to these, once purchased.

The only easy way to leave is to go through Vecter’s Field to the east.  The rest of the area is hemmed in by conifers.

Perrin continues to work the forms, once more seeming to give the other man no mind as his blade strikes the target.

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