Carmichael Village Square
Western Archenland

You stand in the center of a quaint little country village, nestled in the foothills of the Western Mountains. There are a few shops surrounding the square, including Isfar’s blacksmith shop to the east, which is ringing with the sound of iron-on-iron. To the southwest is a small tavern, which smells of good home-cooked food. There is a traveller’s shelter to the northwest with a sign over the door that reads “Carmichael Lodge”. There is also a shop to the northeast.

The main road heads south toward the settlement, a collection of humble, neatly-kept homes to the southwest of the main town.

Myrd is standing in front of the inn. He looks impatient and his arms are crossed. He scans the square, apparently expecting someone.

Lanisen meanders into the square, glancing around at the passing people. He catches sight of Myrd and crosses unhurriedly to join him.

Myrd nods in the direction of the forest path, wordlessly indicating Lanisen should join him.

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