Gathering Circle
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

What a sweet place you have wandered to. The forest trees here are scattered across a soft meadow of heather and wildflowers, and the sun dapples the ground through the leaves above. This is a wide section of earth, and it seems to be a gathering place–indeed, there is a ring of stones in one side of the open clearing where it seems fires have been built over many nights. To the south, a worn path leads to the Caldron Pool and the waterfall that feeds it. You can also see a path leading west toward the cliff-face. To the east the path leads into the deeper forests of Lantern Waste.

Lanisen passes through in the early evening. The sun has already set beyond the cliffs, but the sky is still light. Cicadas are chirring in the trees, and an insistently buzzing Nighthawk sings a quarter-mile away.

There is a series of chirps and squeaks that can be heard coming from behind one of the large stones.

Lanisen slows and halts, already searching warily for the source of the noise. He approaches the stone cautiously.

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