uncomfortable reunion

Lancelyn Green
Middle Archenland

You find yourself in the charming hamlet called Lancelyn Green. It’s a busy town, evidenced by the worn ruts in the road and the villagers who bustle past you, nodding a pleasant hello as they continue on about their business.

The area you stand in appears to be the town center, as the roads form a roundabout encircling a round, grassy lawn with a large well at the center. The main road runs east and west through the town, with a smaller track running south toward a cluster of straw-roofed cottages. A good-sized manor house sits amidst an ample lawn to the north, and the green is hemmed with shops. A blacksmith’s workshop can be seen to the northeast, some sort of tailor to the northwest, a dry goods’ shop to the southeast, and an open-air market to the southwest. The whole is marked with well-tended trees and even a few beds of cultivated flowers.

The westgoing road leads toward the Inn and wends its way out of town. To the east, the road curves past some larger structures.

Lanisen leaves the store, glancing briefly up and down the road. He pockets his money pouch, juggling an awkward handful of purchases, and turns west down the road.

Loc is sitting beneath a tree, arms behind his head as he rests against the truck and chews on a long blade of grass. Continue reading uncomfortable reunion

won’t be taken in

Room 7
Sun and Moon Inn

Lanisen pokes absently at the embers in the fireplace, more out of boredom than because the room is actually cold.

Loc is curled up on the floor, covered by the blanket he’s using.

Lanisen lifts a smallish log out of the wire basket next to the hearth and tosses it into the fireplace, resulting in a small shower of sparks. One catches him on the hand and he jerks it back with a hiss of pain. “Blast it!”
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