misplaced minders

Lantern Waste
Northern Narnia

You find yourself standing in a clearing in the midst of Lantern Waste. It isn’t particularly large, but the landscape is peculiar. There are a number of mounds about. They aren’t particularly large, but each is well overgrown with grass and shrubs and trees, and each has a door in it leading, presumably, into some kind of burrow. None of the doorways are particularly large, but they are obviously homes to Talking Beasts of one kind or another.

Lanisen picks his way along the forest path to the north of the clearing. Though well-trodden, the path is very clearly not often used by humans, and he has to duck and shift branches to the side frequently. He straightens and breathes out in relief when he emerges into the clearing, then pauses and frowns, disoriented.

A small skunk (Rosy) asks, “Are you lost?”

Lanisen steps quickly to the side, startled by the unexpected voice. “Oh!” he says, and laughs ruefully. “Hello! Um– I might… I might be, I thought I was takin’ a shortcut but it’s… this ain’t where I thought I was goin’ at all.”

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