Servant’s Hall
Castle Anvard

You stand in the warm and busy servants’ hall. Most of the floor is taken up by long trestle tables and benches. Candles in sconces on the wall light the room with a friendly glow. At the back of the hall, a staircase leads down into the storeroom. The only other object of note is a large wood and leather chair, where the head cook often rests between meals.

Reina is seated in a far corner of the servant’s hall, back to the room, shoulders hunched as if trying to make herself look small. On the table in front of her is a plate of cheese cubes and apple slices. Beside the plate is a sheet of parchment with two columns of ink on it. The left hand column is comprised of a list of words while the right is comprised of a list of expertly drawn images. Lines connect a few of the words to a few of the drawings, revealing it to be a matching game. The child keeps her head bowed, either gazing at her plate or surveying her parchment, but interacting with no one.

Lanisen has a plate very similar to Reina’s in his good hand as he slips through the door. He surveys the room briefly, considering several seating options, and his eyes catch on Reina.

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