inevitable offense

Selale Basin
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Lanisen sits cross-legged in the sunshine near the pool, his back to a boulder and a letter unfolded in his lap. A large wolfhound is bounding around the basin area, snapping gleefully at grasshoppers.

A leopard with a long tail (Nimera) pads into the basin, her tail twitching back and forth. The human and dog stop her in her tracks as she stares at the newcomers. Her whiskers twitch as she observes in silence.

The wolfhound pauses what he is doing as the wind brings him Nimera’s scent. He tucks his tail and lowers his head and bares his teeth in a low growl.

Lanisen glances up in some alarm to see what has caught the hound’s attention. “Tohol, to me,” he says quickly when he’s found the Leopard, getting to his feet. “Here, now, come here.”

Nimera may look a bit affronted when the dog snarls at her. She flicks her tail, “I say, there is no need for snarls.” She sounds almost bored.

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day 1: following the white stag

Fruited Copse
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

The Narnian wilds are more open here, full of life and bounty. Chains of cranberries and acorns have been hung up, stringing from branch to branch, a seeming dare to the intrepid Squirrel. Lanterns have been set up in convenient places, casing made from turnips and candle stubs and some industrious creature’s hard work at carving openings for the light to pour from.

Under the pear tree sits a huge feasting table, laden with everything good and in season. There are squash of all varieties, potatoes roasted, mashed, and boiled, a pile of nuts more enormous than seems quite safe or possible, kale and fresney in every form, soups and stews, venison and rabbit and fish, and of course, several apple, quince, and nutty pies.

A dwarf with a military bearing (Bracken) stands by the feasting table, helping himself to liberal servings of everything.

A faun with a green scarf (Wilder) sits quietly in a corner playing his pan pipes.

Lanisen sits with his back against a tree, his arms looped loosely around his updrawn knees, people-watching with great interest.

Bracken leaves the table and searches for a spot to sit, settling in near Lanisen.

Wilder is so busy playing his tune he barely notices anything else.

Lanisen glances at the Dwarf, then glances again, one eye slightly squinted as if he’s trying to place the face.

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lost caches and wishes

Outside the Twin Oaks Inn
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Megren stands outside the inn, dressed in sparring clothes. A group of Narnians is gathered around her, all chattering away, seemingly about the kings and queens, if the words that rise above the talk are anything to go by.

A faun with brown curly hair (Tumnus) comes walking in from the south, surrounded by a small group of Beasts.

A magpie with black-and-white plumage (Tooey) half hops, half flies in after the faun chirping something about treasure.

A centaur with dark serious eyes (Wintermoor) stands with the circle listening to the daughter of eve speak to those gathered. A faint covering of travel-dust covers him still.

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Outside the Twin Oaks Inn
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

An eagle of large and imposing stature approaches from above. With the heavy beating of large wings and a screech announcing his arrival, he touches down.

Zephyrwind says, looking pleasantly surprised, “Greetings, Son of Adam!” Catching sight of a squirrel, he says, “Please excuse me.” He pounces, but the squirrel gets away. He looks slightly disappointed. “Oh well, I wasn’t exactly starving.”

Lanisen is sitting on the bench outside the inn, a cup of tea cooling next to him. He looks up in slightly alarmed surprise from his book at the noise of the Eagle’s descent, and straightens as he lands. “Er, hello,” he answers, watching the squirrel with somewhat morbid interest.

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