Who’s Who

These character descriptions belong to their respective players. I didn’t write them. ūüôā


Before you stands a tall and beautiful Daughter of Eve. She has challenging red-brown eyes and a long neck. Her high cheekbones give her an elegant appearance. However, her tan skin and dirty hands indicate a life outside. Her shoulder-length hair is cut into a bob and has an unusual red streak.

The Daughter of Eve in front of you is a middle aged woman who stands with a purpose. She stands straight, meeting you eye to eye. Although average sized for a woman, she carries herself in a no – nonsense manner. Her hands and muscles indicate that she knows how to work on a farm. Her red hair is pulled neatly and tightly into a bun, whereas her dress is simple, yet tasteful. In fact, upon closer inspection of her dress, you can see intricate stitching, indicating that whoever made this dress has talent. Her brown eyes watch you closely, especially your mouth…how strange.

Before you stands a pretty Daughter of eve with long wavy golden hair, which has a tint of red. She has unusually bright blue eyes that seem to sparkle when she laughs. She wears a simple dress with an apron over it. Judging by the clumps of flour dusting her clothing, it’s logical to assume she’s a cook. Her golden locks are clipped back by a brass-and-emerald hairpin, which glints when it hits the light.

A wolf with untrusting eyes looks at you stoicly. She has dark gray fur running along her back and sides. It fades into a lighter gray on her belly. Her paws look as if she is wearing white socks. She also has a scar running along her left shoulder presumably from a battle. There is really nothing special about her… save for those eyes. They are a dark blue, nearly black, and they are intense as she looks at you. Once hardened, her demeanor now seems a bit more relaxed.

This Son of Adam stands a few inches shy of six feet, broad-shouldered and deep-chested, clad in simple, unremarkable garments. He seems to be in his early twenties, and his face, while not quite enough to be called particularly handsome, is pleasant enough, his features not yet having lost their boyishness completely. Dark, tousled hair mostly covers his ears, and a thin beard masks his chin. His eyes, however, are perhaps his most prominent feature – they are a clouded gray, the sort that suggests impairment. He carries a sturdy walking stick in one hand, and a case of some sort is slung over one shoulder.

Before you stands a domineering man from the Calormene Empire, decorated in fine gold. His beard is crimson and curled with scented oil. Just by looking at him you feel powerless under his appraising dark eyes.

A cute young squirrel with red fur and bright excited eyes

You see a pretty young daughter of Eve with curling chestnut-colored hair and large brown eyes. She is petitely built, and though she is no longer a child, her slight frame, turned-up nose, and freckled, dimpled face give her a girlish appearance that lingers even in adulthood. She wears a dress made of smooth green wool cloth, nicer than everyday wear, but still very simple and practical. It has long sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a modestly full skirt that falls to the tops of her feet. It is trimmed with some simple, pretty embroidery. She wears a long, delicate chain with a pendant around her neck, and her hair is tied away from her face with a ribbon.

This is a young girl who could be in her early teens or thereabout. She is slightly on the small side for her age and has a slim, almost boyish figure. She has a dark complexion and long wavy raven-black hair that has been tied back into a sensible plait. Her eyes are ebony coloured and rather large, and she has an angular face with high, aristocratic cheekbones and thin lips. She looks rather haughty, though she probably doesn’t mean to. Probably.

This man’s sturdy build indicates that he is no stranger to physical labor. He is in the prime of adulthood, though an exact age might not be easy to determine. His blond hair has been cut short, this is quite practical, given that by the small burns on his hands he is likely a blacksmith by trade. He wears clothes that may not be flashy, but they are fitting with his occupation and his class. He is not classically handsome, but there is a strength of character to his features that might appeal to some.

Here is a handsome young man. He is tall and quite thin. His eyes are hazel, nearly green, and shimmer in the sunlight.  His hair is an ambiguous shade of brown and falls to the base of his neck. It is usually kept out of his eyes. His face, while unsure of whether to add a moustache or not, displays a laid back personality. It stands out however due to a small but visible scar at the tip of his nose. His hands are soft and his fingers long.

This is a daughter of eve with auburn hair plaited and twisted around her head to keep it out of her way. Wisps and tendrils have escaped and frame her face, which displays amber colored eyes surrounded by dark eyelashes. She wears a sensible frock suitable for a hard-working lifestyle and sturdy shoes on her feet. A lovely gold pendant hangs around her slender neck and a simple gold ring is on her left hand.

The sight of this Lion would be enough to make anybody stand straighter and breathe deeper. He is larger by far than other lions, with overwhelming, solemn eyes and a shaggy mane that shines like it has been spun of living gold. His coat is sleek and gleams as if from within, and his paws are huge, massive things, which must be rather formidable weapons when unvelveted. His expression is by turns mild, grave, stern, and jovial, and his countenance is not menacing, but there is something in him that is terrible and powerful nonetheless.

A wild, kingly scent hangs around his mane, something like incense and green grass underfoot and the wind before a storm.

A lovely Daughter of Eve with gray blue eyes stands before you, standing just over five and a half feet tall. Her complexion is ruddy and healthy. Her long brown hair has been pulled up neatly into a formal bun, which is surrounded by a hair net made of fine thread. Nestled in the center of the bodice, just where the points of the v-neck meets is a brooch. It is a small, finely polished golden Lion head brooch, obviously of Dwarven craft, pinned to the neckline. Its eyes are made of small rubies. On her left hand is a beautiful golden ring with an aquamarine princess cut stone. The dress she wears is a deep purple, with a pattern of vines and white lilies running down it. Overall her look is elegant and graceful, while remaining simple.

The Son of Adam before you carries himself well, with some authority and his stormy eyes glance around the area tranquilly from time to time. He wears an ordinary tunic, but it is neat and he is well groomed. When he glances at writing, his eyes say that he knows what he is reading, and his speech can mostly be classified as well-educated. You might be able to judge that he is in his twenties. His hair, stormy eyes, and neatly kept beard might lead some to say that he is handsome.

Standing before you is a tall and slender Daughter of Eve, with light rosy cheeks and a dreamy look etched upon her face. Her eyes are large and curious, bright blue in colour, and her hair is a shining light blonde, draped over both her shoulders and her back. She wears a linen dress which matches the colour of her eyes, with floral embroidery sown into the fabric around the the ends.

The pelt of this lioness is of a tawny color. Her ears and the tip of her tail are dark brown, and her eyes are green.

The Daughter of Eve standing before you is one of splendid beauty. Her¬†facial features are soft and youthful. She has a flawless complexion,¬†except for a natural blush and a few freckles across her nose. Her¬†large, chestnut colored eyes are radiant and filled with joy. They peek¬†out beneath long, full eyelashes. Honey-colored ringlets cascade¬†down her back in silky tresses. She’s petite in size; slender and hardly¬†reaching the height of 5′ 3″. She has a cheerful smile, that’s never¬†hesitant to show itself.

She carries herself in such a manner, that it would be safe to assume¬†she’s of noble rank and birth. Despite her noble bearing, she doesn’t¬†seem to have a wink of pride in her facial features.

Before you is a small she-wolf, sleekly lissome and lithely muscular, who carries herself with a gentle, unassuming air. Her soft, wavy pelt consists primarily of rich red-brown fur, the tips of her expressive ears and long, elegant tail a shining silver gray. A broad stripe of caramel-brown flows around her torso from just behind her left ear to the base of that tail in a gracefully sweeping spiral, and the shorter hair on her legs is sprinkled with warm shades of cinnamon and gold. Large brown eyes survey the world around her with quiet attentiveness, and in their liquid depths lies an inner strength that will not be suppressed or denied.

A tall dark skinned man with deep brown eyes stands before you looking very regal from turban to pointed toed shoes. His shoes, which boast many colorful stones and delicate stitching, lace up his ankles to the bottom of his white britches. Fitted both at the ankle and waist, these are unlike trousers worn in Archenland or Narnia- for they balloon out making his muscular frame seem thin. His grey three quarter length sleeve shirt is buttoned down and tucked into his waistband. He wears a robe that is embellished with many different pictures and colors…as if his clothes were telling a story. A dark beard falls from the Tarkaan’s face down to his chest. His long sharp nose hides his thin pale lips. His hair is nicely tucked into an extravagantly wrapped turban. The turban is white with a red ruby set in gold on it. Behind the ruby sits a feather that billows nicely as he moves.

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This is a tall well built man wearing the livery of an Anvard castle guard who looks to be in his early forties or there about. His mousey-brown hair has been cropped short, however it is still possible to tell that in parts it is starting to go grey. He has quite strong features; deep set eyes which are chestnut brown, a square jawline that is covered in a light stubble and thin lips. His nose is a little crooked, suggesting that it may have been broken in the past.

You see an Otter with soft cream underfur contrasting to the soft brown, he gives off a sense of energy, looking at you with curious eyes.

The Son of Adam before you is a tall, average looking guy. He appears to be in his mid to late teens, yet he still has an awkward, lanky look about him. His dark hair is medium length and generally unkempt. He has brown eyes and a rather plain face. He’s not unattractive, but nothing about him particularly stands out. He wears plain clothes, those appropriate for a commoner.

This is a stocky dwarf with ruddy cheeks, an unusually large nose and deep set eyes the colour of light amber. Much like his hair, his beard is long and is a thick, coarse black. Unlike his hair, the beard has been braided into intricate plaits which are held together by small metal clasps. His clothes are practical if rather dusty from his work in the mines

You see a barrel-chested red dwarf with bushy brows and an ample, if not overly-long, beard. His expression is often severe, but there are enough laugh lines around his eyes to tell you he’s got a sense of humor–if you can catch him using it. His garments are well-made–mostly of leather–and pragmatic, and have grown almost as craggy as their owner with wear, though there is no patching to be seen. One callused hand bears a ring.

This man couldn’t be much more than twenty years old, if even that. He is tall and rather lanky, and his blue eyes seem to be always roaming as they take in his surroundings. ¬†From the longbow and quiver he carries, it would not outrageous to conclude that he’s a hunter. ¬†He wears servicable clothing, suited to the outdoors, and his blonde hair has been lightened by the sun.

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Before you is a sizable she-wolf. Her fur is red, mixed with black along her back and white along her underbelly. The thickness of her coat does not hide several scars, including a large patch of fur on her shoulder that has grown back in the wrong way, and a much more dated scar spindling down the length of her side. Her frame is lithe and lean, accentuated by long legs. Luminous yellow eyes exude a lupine sort of pride that seems as roguish as it does dangerous. She moves with predatory agility and feral grace.
Around her neck is a gold chain and pendant with a lion rampant.

You see a small, cinammon-colored rabbit with perky ears that twitch at the slightest sound, or even at no sound (that others can detect). She has large, soft brown eyes and a tiny nose that wriggles when she is excited or confused–or smells supper!

Here is a lanky youth in his teens with clear hazel eyes that don’t seem to miss much. He doesn’t look like a particularly nice or friendly person, but he doesn’t look too awful either. He wears a set of neat blue livery that identifies him as a member of Coghill’s retinue. Nothing here to make anyone look twice.

The girl in front is you is no more than 17 years of age. Her brown hair is held in a long braid that is hanging down her back. Her eyes seem a bit hard as she stares at you.

This is a tiny hummingbird with a striking ruby throat. He has bright, shiny plumage in a rainbow of colours. His head is a pure black, segueing into the emerald green sheen on his back, which fade to white on his belly, with the dark purple on his wings contrasting with the bright body. At one end his bill is long and tapered, curving ever so slightly downwards, and at the other end his tail is forked and pointed, coloured in the same hues as his wings.

The face before you is a stern face, with eyes of determination set within. It is aged, not as one thinks of old in wizened body or color of hair, but as one thinks of mountains and canyons carved by years of wind and rain. Foreign smelling spices and and perfumes hang about his person. On his fingers are jeweled rings. From his belt hang a sheathed scimitar and jeweled dagger.  By this you can see he is a lord of Calormen, a Tarkaan fierce and proud.

A loose fitting, yet elegant blue tunic adorns the figure of this noble son of adam. The tunic clearly displays both his family sigil and the sigil of the Knights of Archenland in fine, silver embroidery. As far as sons of adam go, he is rather short, but has a broad-shouldered, well-defined figure to make up for his lack of height. His clear blue eyes are enhanced by the similar color of his shirt, something that was obviously planned in advance. His light brown hair is neatly combed.

Here is a Son of Adam who appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties. His hair is a sort of brown and a little short as if freshly trimmed. His skin is well-tanned, an indication of consistent outdoor activity. Deep blue-green eyes stand out from his strong cheekbones and other chiseled features, which are clean shaven. The eyes hold sharp clarity and intellect. His mannerisms and actions are quietly confident, and his overall attitude comes across as to be pleasant and enjoyable. This man looks reasonably athletic, perhaps more agile than strong. His frame seems lean and hardy. It appears he would be an excellent fighter if he were on your side and a formidable opponent if against you.

This young fair-skinned Son of Adam seems to be just entering his teenage years. He is clean, and dressed in the fine apparel of the Archenland nobility. He has a bright, interested gaze, but his demeanor is unassuming, entirely devoid of bravado.

You see a young Son of Adam of about fourteen years of age. He is dressed in the fine apparel of a noble. He walks along with a confident swing, and a tough look about him. He seems to have been in a scrap recently, and it would appear he may have gotten the better end of the fight. He is missing a tooth and one eye is puffy and bruised.

A Calormene man with dark skin. His arm muscles are the size of a tree branch and his chest looks like it was carved from rock.

Before you is a below average small speckled grey she-wolf. She is very non-descript, simply a normal looking wolf. The only two points of interest are her deep green eyes and a right forepaw that is completely white. On the white paw, there is a small scar. Her eyes gaze back at you, thoughtful but guarded. You can immediately tell that this wolf has seen many things in her short life.

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You see before you a very pretty daughter of eve who is in early adulthood. She has blue eyes and brown hair. The sides have been swept back from her face and drawn into a neat bun with a braid circling it, leaving the rest to fall halfway down her back. There is a soft peppering of freckles across her nose. She wears a dress made of violet linen. Its sleeves give a small flare at the elbow. Along the cuffs of the sleeves and the neckline small yellow flowers are embroidered. They are also embroidered along the v-waistline. Everything about this young lady conveys form and function, being fashionable but not overly so.

This man is far taller than average, and he would almost be considered too thin. His garments are fine, as befitting his rank, and they have been tailored to fit his lanky frame perfectly. His tunic is skillfully embroidered with the sigil of an eagle, indicating that he belongs to one of Archenland’s noble houses. The color of his tunic sets off the gold of the chain that he wears around his neck; this marks him as the Steward of Anvard. He is, as usual, clean-shaven, and his blond hair has been trimmed to make his appearance even more scrupulously neat. His expression, though not unfriendly, definitely gives off an air of being reserved and reveals little of the thoughts going on underneath the surface.

As Aaron: Before you stands a charming young man. From the looks of it, he has just entered his prime. He has long, brown hair that would normally rest on his shoulders had he not tied it up into a single ponytail. He wears a distinctly crimson tunic and trousers to match, both of which look expensive for someone his age. At his side a small, ornate sheath holds a dagger.

As Darius: A tall, young man stands before you. He has jet black hair that is cut mostly short, save for his bangs in front, which cover most of his right eye and full beard. He wears a plain, pitch black tunic and white trousers. He looks to have a fairly broad build to him, likely giving him a rather strong appearance.

This is a young man, probably late teens or early twenties by the look of him. It is obvious he is from one of the noble houses of Archenland; his clothing, though subtle enough, is clearly very well-made, and he carries himself with a natural authority (well, some of the time). He bears the insignia of the Archenland knights about his person. He is of an average height, with the strapping musculature of a warrior, and he wears the sword on his hip with an easy familiarity that speaks of skill. His curls are a rich chestnut brown. His eyes are the color of still water under a cloudless sky. His demeanor is affable and irreverent and openly friendly. Despite his youth and good looks, there are small crinkles around his eyes. Undoubtedly laughter lines, those.

You see a young Son of Adam, he is well built and lithe while not overly tall. His hair is something between blond and brown and his eyes are of a strange shading of grey and blue. He is wearing a dark green tunic, fastened by a sturdy leather belt and he has a quiver slung over his back as well as a hunting knife at his side. The rest of his gear is made up of a well kept pair of boots and a leather bracer.

You see an adolescent white dragon who appears to be male and is a little smaller than a grown elephant. His frame is lean and muscular, somewhat lengthy–although the beautiful long tail that tapers to a rounded end may give it more length than it really is. Its hind and forequarters are similar in structure to a typical quadruped beast, ending in small and sharp claws. His white scales shimmer and there is a silvery, delicate pattern winding its way down his back. It has a muscular, lean neck that arches upward in a graceful manner. Two large wings are neatly folded against its back and look leathery in texture. It has a small snout and brilliant blue eyes full of curiosity. It has a rounded snout and two pointed ears toward the back of its head.

Before you is a large male Wolf, long-legged and leanly muscled. His very thick, shaggy pelt adds to the strength of the look. A darker streak runs from his nose to the back of his head–creating something like a mask and covering the back of his ears–and down his spine until it envelops his tail. The near-black fur trails slightly down his ribs, mingling with the cinnamon-brown of the rest of his coat.
Scars cover the right side of his face, raggedly centered about a useless eye. On the left, a single, disturbingly purposeful slash crosses his eye, rendering him completely sightless. His lower legs, where the fur is shorter, are laced with old scratches, though they do not seem to bother him.

You see before you an adult male wolf. His fur is all brown, save for his paws, which are black as night. His frame is broad and muscular, though he is not particularly tall. He has two rather large scars leading over both of his eyes, neither seem to have affected his sight, nor marred their deep brown color. His eyes give hint to something deeper, as they almost seem to smolder. He has a hardened look about him and he walks with an air of resolve.

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Edana is a capable looking Daughter of Eve in her early thirties. Short black hair falls in light waves to her shoulders, framing her square jaw. Her lips are rather large and they hide large teeth. Laugh lines define her mouth. Clear blue eyes swim tranquilly under thick dark eyebrows and eyelashes which almost mask her premature crow’s feet. Her complexion is pale but her entire face and body is dotted with dark freckles. If you look at her left wrist you can see an unusually large freckle. Her dress is simply made and appears capable of handling any type of spill, clay, or dirt you could throw at it which is good because of the child that can often be seen tottering by her side. Strong and confident arms fall to the sides of her fit body, a body that looks as though it is used to being busy.

This is a young man in his mid-twenties. He has a somewhat reserved countenance, but there is often a mischievous or thoughtful gleam in his eye that indicates he thinks more than he says. He is dressed simply but well in blue, with a royal cape embroidered along the edge in rampant lions. There is a sword at his side and, atop his head, a crown.

Before you stands a female faun with wild, black hair that sticks up in every direction. Her warm brown eyes match the brown on her legs. Her legs are also speckled with black spots. Her dark skin masks her well-muscled body and her wide, bright smile is always ready to shine.

This Daughter of Eve appears to be around fifty years old. She is fair skinned, with laugh lines bordering her lips and the beginnings of wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes. Her dark gold hair, streaked with grey, is swept up into an intricate series of loops and braids at the back of her neck. Her gown is obviously of fine make, with subtle embellishments and richly woven fabric. An elegant silver filigree pendant hangs around her neck, and a brooch bearing the heraldry of her lord is pinned at the front of her gown. Beyond her finery, her demeanor is calm and reserved, and her bright blue eyes are welcoming.

This is a fairly short man with a stocky build. He has deep-set, cloud grey eyes. His face is long and thin with prominent cheekbones and a pointed nose and chin. His thick, curly blond hair is tied back in a simple but rather elegant ponytail.

You see a young woman under twenty. She wears a gown of simple green wool with tasteful floral embroidery. Her red-gold locks are pinned up into a graceful updo, with several loose curls gracing her neck and forehead. She is tall and thin, though certainly not delicate. Her cream-colored skin is dotted over her small nose and cheekbones by freckles. Your attention is quickly snared by her luminous green eyes, made all the more vivid by the color of her dress. Their emerald depths sparkle with an almost physical force, mesmerizing you with the passion of the heart behind them. She seems exceedingly beautiful; whether from the force of her personality of the appearance of her features, you cannot tell. But if you watch her long enough, it becomes apparent she is rather oblivious to this fact. She seems uncomfortable in such finery, tugging at her dress every so often.

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An ancient dame crowned white hair, wearing a rough brown shawl thrown over her shoulders.

Easily mistaken for a male dwarf, this bearded female red dwarf looks like most of the other dwarves of Carmichael. She’s short, stocky, and her expression is gruff. Still, her clothing is neat, if well-worn, and immaculately stitched- giving you reason to believe she’s had plenty of practice in stitching- whether that be clothing or flesh is unknown. (And if you don’t know anything about “even” stitches, it takes plenty of patience!) A scent of vanilla follows her, leading you to think she might like to smoke a pipe.

Frida stands at approximately 5″10. Her light blonde hair is swept back from a face of about twenty-four, fixed into a tight bun at the back of her head. Her eyes are a cool blue-grey, appropriate for her equally cool demeanor. Her dress is a clean white of simple design and contains no adornment.

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You see a middle aged man before you. His features are stern but not unkind. He has a rugged scar running over his left eye and down most of his cheek. He carries himself with an air of authority and when he speaks, his tone has a pleasant, earthy and baritone qaulity.

Before you is a slim grey tabby. She is not very large for a Talking Cat, and her fur for the most part is midlength and sleek. However, on her tail, it is long and plumed, as well as a bit down her back. Her eyes are a brilliant green , with a starburst of forest in the center.

You can tell that the wolf before you has just entered adulthood by the lustrous coat that envelops him in grizzled ash–despite some faint traces of roughness in his past. Hard training has thickened his frame with lean sinew, and he treads with the determination and purpose of a predator. His emerald eyes are curious, but wary of the unfamiliar.

You see a lanky teenage girl with almond shaped steel blue eyes. She looks to be about 15 years old. Her frizzy, flyaway ginger hair is tied back in a messy ponytail. She has a ruddy complexion, a thin face and weak chin. Her features are pointed and and she is covered in freckles. She wears a plain practical dress suitable for her work as a maid.

You see a man in his mid-forties, though a few lines on his face make him seem older…doesn’t look like he’s spent a lot of time laughing. His brown hair bears a smattering of gray near the temples, and he wears a closely trimmed moustache and beard. When on duty he wears the purple and gold livery of a guard of Anvard.

A daughter of eve with olive-colored skin.

Before you is an attractive Daughter of Eve, who appears to be about twenty or so. Her hair is a dark mahogany shade with a tint of red, too dark to be auburn. Her tresses are caught up off her neck and neatly bundled into a hair net. There is a depth to her clear green eyes that conveys strength of character and intelligence beyond her years. She is well groomed and well dressed, her clothing stylish and subtly elegant. Her skin is fair, and there is a very faint hint of a few freckle smudges on her nose, hinting she spends a lot of time out of doors. The woman before you is very lovely indeed. She is graceful and poised and she appears clever and well-suited for whatever life may bring to a Lady such as her.

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You see before you a tall, slightly pudgy redhead. No, pudgy isn’t the right word. He’s… sturdy. His face appears to be more freckle than face. Caramel colored eyes sit below a curly mane of short red hair. He gives off the sort of impression that he’s a jovial sort of young man.

This is a tall, middle-aged man with a dark complexion. He has deep-set amber brown eyes, and his facial features are best described as hawk-like. His black hair has been slicked back, showing a prominent widow’s peak. His beard has been carefully oiled and has a blueish tint within the black suggesting it may have been dyed with indigo. Despite the obvious care that he takes with his appearance, the most striking thing about him is the heavy scarring on his upper lip which causes his moustache to grow in uneven patches and gives him a permanent grimace.

Before you stands a thin, tall woman with her white-blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun. Somber, light gray eyes peer out behind wire-rimmed reading spectacles on a small peaked nose.

Before you stands a lean adult female wolf. Her long legs are well-built to match a wiry, strong but ill-fed body. Her smoky coat is full but poorly groomed, covering a number of scars. By the manner in which she walks, she is as graceful as she is muscled. Her golden eyes are flat, as if she has been through incommunicable things.

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Before you is a rather striking woman. Her eyes, a little too deep-set and large, peer out from behind an aquiline nose, the hard blue color contrasting starkly with her dark, curling hair, which is pragmatically pulled out of her face in a pretty sort of messy fashion. A white scar crosses her left cheekbone under her eye, only standing out from her similarly pale skin by the pink edging around it. Her dress is sturdily made of serviceable material and cut to accentuate a pretty figure, but it is worn and a little loose. She seems to have a penchant for pretty things, if the rings on her left hand and the cut of her dress are any indication, but it is fairly clear that she either has not enough time or not enough energy to keep up such practices, and it is only the luck of good genetics that grants her any of the beauty she seeks.

Before you stands a young Archenlander who is about 6 feet tall with a semi muscular build. He is usually dressed in a dark brownish leather outfit. His eyes are light green and his brown hair curls around his head, sometimes even infront of his eyes. He has some stubble on his chin and under his nose, and a small scar above his right eye. He usually has a calm but interested demeanor, and seems rather approachable.

A rather unassuming young Son of Adam, dressed in traveling garb, with a dusty cape. His eyes are startlingly blue, hair a dirty blond.

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Here is a daughter of eve of short stature with wispy blonde hair held back with a simple ribbon. A few tendrils have escaped and cling to her forehead and neck. Her clothing is well made but simple and suitable for work or trudging about a forest. She has simple, delicate features and a pair of spectacles dangles around her neck on a leather cord.

You see a ferret with thick, plush fur. Her sleek outer guard-hairs are a deep, chocolaty-brown, not overly long, but very dense. She has point markings, so that the color is richest on her legs and tail, ears and mask, shading to a tea-splash color over the rest of her body. Her undercoat is fluffy and soft, a pale gold color. She has long, sensitive, bristly whiskers on her pointed, pink-nosed muzzle and above her large, round brown eyes. Her teeth are sharp and pointy, with both top and bottom fangs. Her fore and rear paws are tipped with sharp brown claws, neatly filed.

Before you stands a young Son of Adam. His hair is as dark as a raven, its length past his ears, but still kept neat. His emerald eyes sparkle and dance like the sun on a brook as he looks about. He carries a well-used weapon at his side and appears competent with it. He stands shy of six feet, though a fine height for his age; his body is well built. He looks friendly and kind. Perhaps you should greet him?

You see an ape with furry knuckles, eyes shifting like he might be doing math in his head.

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A rather tall she-wolf stands before you, observing you in a careful, yet friendly manner. Her coat is solid white and silky, laying flat to give her a lithe, slender appearance. The fur on her tail is longer and a bit more unruly. Her large paws are stained gray from years of running through dirt and forest underbrush. Though she seems up in years, there is a pep in her step, giving you the idea that she is young at heart. She has blue-green eyes, the color dulled from age, but there is still a sharpness to them.

An average sized faun, wearing a pale blue scarf to complement his blue eyes. His hair is blond and curly on his head, and his horns are well cared for. His goatish legs are likewise covered in blond hair, and his hooves are neat and obviously well looked after. In short, the faun’s appearance is extremely tidy.

A mink with a batter soaked pink ribbon on her tail

Loc is a sturdy young man about twenty four years of age with a pale, though not sickly, complexion, which most likely has been a result from a deficiency of sunlight. Calluses cover his hands and he stands just shy of six feet, his frame lithe and clearly muscular. Unruly dark brown hair is pulled back into an untidy ponytail and seems to have black streaks permanently staining it throughout. He keeps a decently kempt goatee, but outside of that his face has no distinguishing features. However his smile, when he bestows it, is charming enough. Despite a somewhat care worn face, vibrant green eyes shine with a lust for life. He wears simple, slight worn cloths of a darker color permanently coated lightly with dirt.

You see a young lady in her early twenties. She wears a light cream-colored linen hunting dress with gold, green, and violet threads along the collar, sleeves, waist, and hem. It seems easy to move about in. Her golden hair is tied up in braids wound around each other and secured by a violet ribbon. There is something engaging and agreeable about her. She has a ready smile, and an earnest, forthright demeanor.

This is a monkey of middling size, with shaggy red-brown fur. His ears and face are hairless, and what a funny face it is! The eyes are set deep under large brow ridges, and the nose and wide mouth protrude sharply below, giving him the appearance of perpetually peering out from underneath something. His bare ears stick straight out on either side of his round head. He has a stooped posture, nimble fingers and toes, and a long, prehensile tail.

This is a kindly-looking man in his middle years, beginning to be gray around the temples. He is ruddy-faced and portly, with keen grey eyes and laughter lines around his eyes and mouth. He wears sensible hunting clothing in muted crimson and brown that nevertheless are well-tailored and suit him well.

Before you stands a sweet child who could not be more than eight years old. She is the definition of cute, though the mischievous grin on her expressive face suggests that there is more to her than the docile appearance she presents. Her hair is dark and curly, and she has large, soft brown eyes. Her rosy cheeks suggest good health and quite a bit of time spent outdoors. She wears a well-sewn outfit that has been patched together after several scrapes.

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This is a young woman of average stature. She has plain brown hair, apart from sun-kissed streaks of blonde. Her hair is waist length, plaited in a loose braid, with loose tendrils framing a comely face. She has striking blue eyes, which are large and expressive. She has a kind smile, and straight striking white teeth. Her garments are plain, but practical for working in the castle’s kitchens. Her dress is purple, laced down the front with white ribbons and tied in a neat bow around her slim waist, with cuffs at her elbows. Her appearance indicates that she cares, more so than is common with others of her social class.

This is a tall, well built man who is dressed quite cleanly and neatly in a well cut leather jerkin. He has thick, wavy, dark brown hair that is kept rather short and gives the impression that, if it were to be allowed to grow longer, would turn quite curly. He has lightly tanned skin, round, hazel brown eyes and a sturdy jaw line.

This woman wears a squire’s livery. She is of average height, with a straighter carriage and more muscular build than most women of her age. Her copper hair is cut to a practical length at about chin level, a natural whorl keeping it from her eyes. She has a broad, open face, an easy grin, and a self-assured manner.

Standing here is a tall young man, he is in his late teens early twenties. His body in thin and has some muscles but not a lot, his arms and legs are thin and has the same semi muscles tone, his face is clean of hair and still as a baby face look, with curry blond hair, and a cleft chin and a long flat nose, his eyes are a dark blue color.

Before you stands a small squirrel. Her tail flicks from time to time, and she seems to have a mischievous glint in her eye.

You see a female black dwarf with no beard and a thin, pale scar on the left side of her face. She carries herself proudly, and black eyes flash, defying anyone or anything she feels deserve it

The woman you see before you is very strange indeed; her youth is obvious, yet it is also obvious that she tries to look much older than she is. Her hair is black as coal and wound into a single thick braid along her back, her skin the shade of oiled teak. The womans eyes are clearly her best feature; strange and green mingled with brown, like the leaves of some darkened jungle. Every muscle in her body ripples, as if highly trained – she looks every ounce the predator.

Mrs. Beaver
You see a kindly old female beaver. She stands roughly two feet tall,has glossy brown fur, webbed feet and a broad, flat tail. Her furry, whiskered face has a gentleness about it, mixed with a kind of maternal air. A pair of glasses sits perched on her head.

This man appears to be near thirty years of age. He is of average height and sturdily built, and has a straight, confident bearing. He has light-colored eyes, a square, clean-shaven jaw, and dark brown hair that is neatly trimmed. His clothing is plain and serviceable, neither fine enough nor shabby enough to be noteworthy. At his side hangs a sword in a leather sheath.

You see before you a perfectly unremarkable man. He wears a thick winter cloak which obscures much of his face, including the color of his hair. From what you can see, he is clean-shaven with a jaw that’s relatively average, though if you had to choose, you’d probably lean more toward strong than not. His skin is pale, typical of an Archenlander’s in winter. His thick clothing make it hard to tell his build, though he doesn’t look particularly hefty or thin. His height, like the rest of him, is average. Really, his looks are so normal, there’s little reason for you to notice him at all unless he addresses you.

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You see a well dressed man of average height. He looks a bit young for his position of authority.

Here is a dark and young Calormene woman. Her face is round and framed by wavy black hair stretching to her waist, with deep black eyes looking ahead. She wears a finely made lehenga choli which is mixed in fabrics and bold in its colours. Her blouse is sleeveless, her skirt is long, and her dupatta draped across her shoulders and tucked into her skirt. On her limbs are a small collection of polished bangles and anklets.

You see a tall man with receding salt and pepper hair. Piercing hazel eyes peer out from under his bushy snow white brows and down a large aquiline nose. He is clean shaven and imaculately groomed. His lean frame elegantly dressed in doublet and hose of the finest materials. Though the colors are tastefully neutral. A ring of carved white wood encircles the ring finger of his left hand.

A woman with honey brown hair and green eyes in her late 20s wearing an elaborate cloak over a simple dress

You see a large, well built Narnian wolf. He has a thick coat of unkempt, grayish-silver fur. One feature that stand out, however, is a large patch of fur on his back, black as midnight. He has piercing, amber eyes that add to his already intimidating appearance. Around his neck is a worn bone tied to a leather strap. Maybe it’s significant?

Before you stands a normal looking Leopard. She stares at you, interested but maybe a bit aloof. Her tail, which is longer than most, twitches almost subconsciously.

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Oliver has a light golden tan. His hair is a mess of curls and are light sandy brown in color. His eyes are a dark chocolate brown, and he has a cute spattering of freckles. He is a bit small for his eleven years.

You see a tall, handsome son of Adam who appears to be in his late thirties or early forties. His hair is cut short and he wears a small, close-cut beard. He seems comfortable in his own skin and carries himself with affable dignity.

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You see a man in his early 30’s. He has blonde hair which is quite fair, sparkling blue eyes, and a straight walk. ¬†He wears a tunic that is plain but speaks of his station. He carries himself well, his sword neatly at his side.

You see a curious unicorn with light green eyes that exude mischief and kindness at the same time. This unicorn wears no ornament in her hair but does take great pride in polishing the blue horn protruding from her head. Around her neck she wears a necklace of white flowers that match the creamy whiteness of her coat. The unicorn sports a few scratches from travels but nothing to mar her great beauty. On her right back hoof is a thin, barely noticible scar. Around her tail is wound another tail hair, which must signify something special. Why don’t you ask?

You see a son of adam in his late teens. He has a large frame of heavily corded muscles and curly brown hair. His eyes are brown as well in a tanned face.

This is a tall and deep-chested man of noble bearing, nearing perhaps his thirtieth year. He is golden-haired and fair of face, with a short beard of a darker blond than the hair on his head. He wears a green tunic that falls below the knee, close fitting to his waist and then sweeping out to the hem. The sleeves are tight from shoulder to elbow, and then open and bell shaped to just past his wrist. A rampant lion is embroidered in yellow thread over his breast. Sturdy, knee-high boots and a wine-colored cloak complete the ensemble. At closer inspection, his eyes can be seen to be brown and his right hand calloused at the base of his thumb and where his fingers meet his palm. Elegantly attired as he is, he carries himself with a dignity and an authority beyond his years.

A normal sized spaniel with reddish brown patches over her white coat. She looks very well trimmed and groomed.

Before you is a slight female wolf. She has thick, well-groomed, light grey fur. From her ears to her back the light grey turns to ash grey and around her blue-green eyes the grey goes white. This accentuates the joyful nature of her eyes as they stare at you with inner confidence and unmistakable curiosity. Her body is fit, seeming ready for action, although her walk is plagued with an unmistakable limp. Her youthful look and almost constant wolfy smile make her seem approachable and open.

Philip is a boy of about 12 years, but he is tall for his age. You wouldn’t know it, though, because he has a habit of slouching. His skin is tan from spending many days playing out in the sun. Disheveled brown hair tops his head, clearly in need of a trim. All in all, he is rather unremarkable, until you notice his green eyes. They’re vivid and full of life, but there is a twinkle of mischief in them that you might want to watch out for.

You see before you a lovely Daughter of Eve of an average height, who looks to be in her early twenties. She wears a fashionable blue gown which accents her deep blue eyes. Her long honey-colored hair is done up in an elegant dutch braid. She wears a beautiful gold ring with a princess cut ruby on her left hand. She walks with the poise and grace that shows her noble upbringing.

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Like all Marsh Wiggles, this one is taller than the average man, with long limbs and webbed hands and feet. He has a muddy complexion, grey eyes and long straw-like green grey dreadlocks tied back beneath a large, wide brimmed straw hat. His clothes are simple and coloured in mute earth tones. He gives off an air of gloomyness, as though he just knows that no matter the situation, something dreadful is likely to happen.

This is a very handsome young man of Calormene descent. He wears blue vestments embroidered with gold patterning and a jeweled turban from which emerge several colorful feathers. Bright eyes flash out from under his brow. His beard has been neatly waxed in the highest of Calormene fashions. An ivory scabbard is bound at his waist. He gives off a quite charming air and smells faintly of flowers.

The first thing you notice about this cute little creature is her fluffy tail. Her body is small, barely the size of a small cat. Beady black eyes stare up at you from a black face, and smack dab in the middle of her face, there’s a white spot. The rest of her body is painted with wavy lines, except for her fluffy tail, which is black with a white tip. She has a little, black, button nose. Thin, short little whiskers shoot out from all directions on her little muzzle. Her round ears are perked up and listening. Short, but sharp, claws stick out from tiny flat paws. She seems to be rather jittery.

Appearing not much older than twelve summers and standing approximately five feet tall, this daughter of eve carries herself with a gentle bearing of quiet innocence and inner strength. Her skin is fair and smooth, her thick fall of honey-gold hair left loose to bounce around her shoulders in a carefree tumble of silken waves. Large blue eyes the color of a clear summer sky are framed by gracefully sweeping eyebrows and long, dusky lashes. Her oval face is possessed of delicately fine features: high cheekbones, an aquiline nose and lips the blush pink of a blooming rose. Her lithe form moves with innate fluidity, her effortless grace much akin to the supple dip and sway of a young sapling.

You see a grown wolf whose eyes have a strange, almost hunted, look to them. His gray fur is matted in several places, with dead bits of leaves and twigs sticking out here and there. There is a rougher, wilder look to him than most Talking Wolves, though his size reveals clearly that that is what he is.

This man is a stocky son of Adam who appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties. Clearly a person who is used to hard labor, he appears to be strong and in good physical condition with powerful looking arms revealed by tunic sleeves rolled up past his elbows. He is tall, but not overly so. Rough hands and tanned skin may lead you to believe this man has spent a lot of time working and being out of doors. His clothing is simple, a tradesman’s wear, but his appearance is neat.

You see a slightly stout Son of Adam with a ruddy, jovial face.

The woman before you carries herself with a dignity which belies her youth, though her elfin figure might tempt you to mistake her for a child. Her heart-shaped face is framed by tendrils of dark auburn hair; on this occasion it is swept up off the nape of her neck, the tresses held in place by a tasteful snood. Her large, blue-grey eyes are normally solemn and watchful, and they currently reflect an inward calm. There is something in her gentle demeanor that makes her seem approachable. The gown she wears is finely made, and though it may not be ostentatiously ornate, it is elegant. The overdress is the deep green of summer leaves, bordered with a design of what appear to be flowers, embroidered in golden thread. An underkirtle, of a light green, matches the lacing and peeks out from beneath. Also worthy of note is the gleam of the delicate brooch pinned to her garments.

A young female skunk, not quite to adolescence.

This is a dark young Calormene man. His features are aristocratic though rather hawkish and he has round, jet black eyes which look out at the world from behind a pair of silver framed spectacles. His black beard has been carefully oiled, perfumed and styled to the current Calormene fashion. On his head he wears a silk, bejewelled turban from which a long feather emerges. His clothes too are equally rich, being made of the finest brocaded silks.

You see a stout, deeply tanned woman in her late fifties or early sixties. She appears old enough, at least, to have earned the fine lines around her eyes. Her dark hair and eyes combined with her skin declare that she is of Calormene descent. She is not overly tall and has her share of extra padding, though this really doesn’t do much do soften her look, which might be described as intimidating.

A swarthy young man from the Calormene Empire. He stands at around 5ft8 and has an average, healthy build- not fat, not thin. His eyes are a very dark brown, almost black and his straight black hair is neatly combed and neck length. He has a neatly cut goatee which enhances his aquiline features. He has about him something of an air of arrogance and rarely seems to smile, appearing to have the somber disposition of many of his countrymen.

Shar is a handsome looking man, who appears to be in his late 40’s. He stands about 5’10” and has blond wavy locks of hair which he has combed neatly back so they hang an inch above his shoulders. His mien takes on the very essence of a noble, and the attitude is highlighted by his piercing brown eyes. He is wearing a neat dark blue tunic, which is trimmed with woven, light blue braids and embroidered with silver thread.

This is a young woman in her early twenties. She is a little shorter than average, with large dark eyes and long dark-blonde hair pulled gently out of her face. She wears a dress of yellow cloth. Over it she wears an apron.

This golden he-eagle is large, even by Narnian standards. All bulk is sleek muscle and feathers, which ripple from the nearly metallic gold of his head to dark brown near his tail. The same pattern can be seen upon his powerful wings. His eyes, a glittering amber, are set beneath a ridge of darker feathers, giving him an appearance of keen intelligence. His head is crested, as if he wears a help. The angular face is proud and austere and he holds himself with natural grace.

You see a elderly red squirrel. Her coat is just starting to gray and she has quite a hefty girth.

You see a female Marsh-wiggle in her late twenties, hair tightly bound in two long braids which fall to near her waist. Her short, pale tunic falls over long mud-colored leggings. A near-permanent frown appears to be etched onto her face, but her alert hazel eyes declare her not unfriendly.

This is a man rather aged. Silver has spread well past his temples, though some light brown hair still battles for its color. Lines crease his face, crinkling as if around a hundred remembered smiles. His eyes are a pleasant blue. Well-made clothing adorns his rather short, robust (if portly) form. The tunic is green, embroidered with white and a few touches of purple.

This beautiful twenty-seven-year-old woman conducts herself with easy poise. Her long, dark brown hair is softly arranged around her face and golden crown and falls down her back in a single, even braid. She wears a gown of fine satin with a delicately embroidered bodice and a full, sweeping train. A gold chain, the links made up of rampant lions, hangs at her waist. There is a regal quality about her, yet somehow she is not frightening: rather, something in her mien and countenance gives an impression of remarkable grace.

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You see a young man in his early adulthood. He wears the official livery of the castle and is clean cut from head to toe. His black hair does fall a bit on his forehead and his hazel eyes observe quietly.

Before you is a female wolf, who appears to be a adult about six or seven years of age. Her frame is lithe and muscular, complete with massive paws. She is perhaps a bit thin for her size. There are no markings on her thick ebony fur that covers her from nose to the tip of her tail. Her eyes are tired looking, the color remarkably a pale blue which seems unsettling standing out from her black face. In a few places on her back, her fur is slightly out of place. Upon closer examination there are scars on her skin that are mostly covered with fur and barely discernible.

This is a magpie with a black bill and black legs. She has neat, glossy plumage which is almost completely black save for the patches on her shoulders, belly and flanks which are white. If one was to look closely they would find that the black, instead of being pure black takes on a much more colourful hue with a purplish-blue iridescent sheen to the wing feathers, and a green gloss to the long tail.

Standing before you is a tall young man measuring about six foot eight inches in height. Despite his lanky appearance, he has a wiry build about him. Set upon his face are two twin, gray eyes that peek out beneath a crop of blonde hair. He wears a short-sleeved loose, linen shirt that looks to be a faded forest green. Both hands are gauntleted in sturdy, leather gloves and hanging from his left side is a beautiful, gold-trimmed scabbard with a sword in it.

This is large tom cat. He has thick, fluffy, light grey fur with mackerel tabby stripe patterns in a dark slate grey. His tail is long and bushy and his ears are large and high set with lynx like tufts of hair. He has pale green eyes which are large and bright.

This is a typical faun of middle age, with a goat’s hind-quarters, a man’s stout torso, and a lively, bearded face. Two horns protrude at his foreheard, and his tail can often be seen slung over one arm.

This son of Adam gives off a general impression of ‘blah’. From his too-neat brown hair, to his unexpressive face to the brown eyes hidden by thick spectacles, there is nothing exciting about this person. He appears to be in his mid to late twenties and is quite well-dressed, in nobleman’s clothes that try to hide his lanky, awkward frame. He appears to be the scholarly type, but really, even this is too exciting a description. Best to stick with ‘blah’.

Before you stands a Son of Adam of noble bearing, who seems to be nearing his late twenties. His clothing is fine and elegant (though not overly so) as befitting his status, and a golden pin in the shape of a pike is attached to his tunic. He is well-built and rather tall, and based on the way he carries himself and the elegant draconic sword hilt extending from the scabbard at his waist, it may not be too far-fetched to think him a knight. He has fair hair, usually slightly unkempt from his duties. Light brown eyes seem ever-alert in a sharp-featured, rather handsome face – though it is marred by two decent-sized scars, one on his cheek under an eye and the other on his forehead. His demeanor can be intimidating, but there is something about him that hints of a gentler side beyond such a facade.

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This young woman looks to be of a height where she’d need a stepping stool for most shelves, a good couple inches shorter than average. A little height is added by a complicated bun: all but a few of the blond-touched brown locks are caught up in an array of twists and braids. The last few purposefully loose sections spiral down in tight natural curls.

Her features are, on the whole, rather average. Grey eyes are framed above by surprisingly dark eyebrows and below by faint shadows, whether she is actually tired or not. However, there is something in the ease of her stance, the angle of her chin, the quirk of her lip, that almost seems to belong to a breath-taking beauty, though she is not. Still, it suits her. Her dress is of good quality, though cut in a simple, if flattering, style. Gloves sheath her hands.

Virika is a wolf with a glossy, smokey gray coat, speckled with white. Her keen eyes are a brilliant emerald green. There is a white patch around her right eye, and half of her left ear is missing. Black socks are around each paw, blending seamlessly into the gray coat. She has a silky white throat and underbelly. A full, bushy tail sweeps about behind her expressively. She carries herself with a dignified air as she moves. Her sturdy body is muscular with a full looking frame and coat. She possesses a rough charm about her.

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This Fruit Bat is mostly covered in short, dark grey fur, except for a red-orange ruff and the large, leathery wings. Her long, narrow muzzle and small ears make her dark brown eyes look even larger and rounder than they are naturally. A pouch is held against her middle by four straps, both above and below her wings. Its opening points to the side, to accommodate for hanging upside-down. A red lion is embroidered onto the fabric.

You see a faun. He is wearing a greenish wool knit scarf around his neck and atop his hairy head you can see the beginnings of horns through his messy hair.

This is a young buck who couldn’t possibly be very far past adolescence. He is long necked and knobby in the knees, and is only just starting to fill out with musculature. His coat is thick and greyish brown in color, lighter on his face and underside. He has wide, dark eyes and a short pair of antlers that slope backward and outward from behind each ear. Up toward the tips, each one branches into two points.

A sturdy tow-headed adolescent girl wearing practical clothes and her hair in braids.

A centaur with eyes that look like they’ve seen thousands of years set into a relatively young-looking face.

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A man of average height, who sports a considerable amount of sun bleached-blonde stubble and shaggy hair. He has a hook-like nose and angular features to match. Blue eyes are overshadowed by a prominent brow and prominent cheekbones. His clothes look as though they might have been fine once upon a time before they were subjected to endless dirt and grime from the road. His brown trousers are held up by a leather belt with a fancy shield-shaped buckle. A light, grungy, off-white tunic hangs loosely on his frame.

Before you stands a bald eagle with a white head and tail. Having an imposing eight-foot wingspread, piercing golden eyes, massive hooked beak and powerful talons, he is most often seen soaring on his broad, flat wings, or else perched conspicuously in the upper branches of tall trees.

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